Tips to avoid interference on your WiFi

Avoid interference on the wireless network

If there is interference, it means that the connection is not going to work well. This may simply mean that the speed is not adequate, but it could also lead to continuous interruptions or even not being able to connect certain devices to the network. But it is something that you will be able to avoid, if you take into account some issues.

Move devices away from the router

Something important is to try not to place other electronic devices near the router, as well as devices that may interfere. A clear example is a microwavewhich operates at a frequency close to 2.4 GHz and can cause Wi-Fi network problems and prevent other devices from being able to connect.

Other devices you put on can also create interference. near the router. Therefore it is important that it is in an isolated location, away from other devices. For example, it is a mistake to put the router next to the television. There could be problems and that translates into a loss of speed and signal quality.

Choose the WiFi channel well

It is also very important to choose which wifi channel the router will be connected. In this case, the interference will come from other nearby routers that may be using the same channel or another nearby one. If you live in a building with many apartments, you are more likely to have problems of this type.

You can always check the Wi-Fi channels used by neighbors. This will help you choose which one is best for your connection and thus reduce possible interference as much as possible. It is a problem that you must avoid in order to optimize Internet access.

Use the correct band

Something similar happens with the Wi-Fi band you use. You will be able to use both the 2.4GHz like that of the 5GHz. However, it is the first one that can have more interference with other devices, since it works in a frequency similar to some household appliances (the example of the microwave that we put), as well as Bluetooth.

Therefore, if you see that you have interference with other devices and you are close to the router, the ideal is that you connect to the 5 GHz band. It is faster and less exposed to possible interference. Of course, it is more sensitive to distance, so you should only use it if the coverage is optimal.

If you use repeater, place it well

We do not always connect directly to the router, but we use a repeater. It can be a Wi-Fi amplifier, Mesh system or PLC. In all these cases there may be interference and therefore we may have problems connecting to the Internet and achieving a good speed.

What you should do is place the repeater or Wi-Fi device to which you connect very well. This will help avoid interference and that there are no problems that prevent normal browsing of the network. Basically you should follow the same advice that you would apply in the router.

In short, these steps that we have explained can help you achieve a better Internet connection and avoid interference. It is essential to achieve a good speed, but also to avoid cuts and problems that may appear.

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