Top 9 Mobile Apps For Housekeeping

Turn cleaning into a game, start cleaning using the Fly Lady system, or find a place to recycle junk – there are already special services for all of this.

So, many programs will help properly organize the household, organize all the bills, and even simplify the process of repairing and moving. Pay attention to the best mobile apps for housekeeping on androidappsforme.


The app, available for iOs and Android, will help those who want to run their household according to the Fly Lady system. It involves many requirements: doing routines, defining hot spots, cleaning on a timer, etc. All of these are much easier to accomplish by downloading a mobile assistant. There will also be a mailing list of tasks that “flying ladies” usually receive.

Unfuck Your Habitat

The iOs and Android app lets you make a list of important household chores, will remind you when they need to be done, and help you set timings for any activity. It only has a small drawback – it’s pay-as-you-go. True, it costs less than a dollar to install.


The English-language app, which can run on smartphones and desktops, is an entire encyclopedia of housekeeping. BrightNest offers tips for everything from organizing your pantry to removing plaque from your plumbing.


This app will be especially useful for families with children: you can distribute household tasks among all family members and compete to complete them. Everyone can be connected to the service and see who has or has not completed their task. There are rewards for extra motivation – with them the kids will love cleaning! Also in OurHome you can keep a joint shopping list and celebrate important family dates.


A useful web service for uncluttering. Recyclemap shows you places to drop off unwanted clothes, batteries, appliances, or trash for recycling. Just choose your city and look for the nearest location.


It’s not even an app, but a real social network that brings people together. Users can share their successful experience in solving some tasks, advise on repairs, interior design, gardening, etc. At the same time, you can find an answer to any question you are interested in. This is a live and constantly updated do-it-yourself guide with real photos, recommendations, and helpful comments. And you can always chat with the user who posted some advice or tip.


Surely many people have faced the problem that some things lying in the closet are forgotten for a season or even a year for the simple reason that they simply were not remembered. To get your closets in order, to always know what you have in there, and never lose or forget things, you can use the free Lookchecker app.

So, all you need to do is to take a picture of each item, make a specific mark to it, and indicate where it is lying. Later in the app, you can create combinations of different items, put geotags if you’ve been somewhere in it – it’s easy and fast. Content information can be updated regularly: delete spoiled, lost, or discarded items, add upgrades, etc. And before any trip, you can quickly enough create a list of what to take.


This app will be useful to all those who are renovating or want to freshen up the furnishings in the house a bit. The resource collects a lot of ideas of interiors, as well as specialists, designers, and ordinary users who can boast about successful experiences and advise something.

In the program, it’s easy enough to find exactly the interior style that you need. It’s also easy to find similar rooms and chat with those who designed them. In addition, experts can answer some questions about finishes, furniture, and accessories, solve problems or advise a professional architect or designer. The software is free and is available to Android and iOS users.

Bill Minder

The application will be useful to all those who forget to pay the bills, pay rent, pay the phone bill, and other services. It is enough to once enter into the program the data when you need to pay. You can also add information on other regular payments such as loans, internet, rent, some courses, and other things.

Then the app itself will remind you what you need to do and when highlighting everything in the calendar in different colors. It is different from a simple calendar in that it can analyze user data. The application also allows you to view statistics after a certain period and understand what you spend more money on, and where it would be good to save.

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