Tricks to squeeze your Apple Watch to the fullest

If you have recently released an Apple Watch, it is likely that you still do not know many of the functions of the company’s smartwatch of the Apple. Despite its ease of use, watchOS hides multiple secrets that are worth knowing. Read on to find out everything you can do with your Apple Watch and learn to get the most out of it.

Take photos with your iPhone remotely

Did you know that the Apple Watch allows you to control the mobile camera remotely? This is a very useful feature for group photos. To use it, you just have to find the Camera application on the watch. Once open you will see the image of the iPhone camera on the screen and you can take the photo with a single touch. Also, you can control the zoom using the Digital Crown.

Call 911

In case you ever have to call emergency services and don’t have your phone handy, you can do it by pressing and holding the side button of the watch and dragging the SOS Emergency button to the right. You also have the option to press and hold the side button for several seconds (the Apple Watch will beep and count down to make sure it is an intentional action). Once the call is finished, the watch will alert your emergency contacts and send them your current location. To configure this function from the iPhone you have to open the Watch app and access My watch – SOS Emergency.

Flip the screen to silence notifications

Did you get a call or a notification at a bad time? If you want to turn off the clock sound quickly, you can cover the Apple Watch screen with your hand for at least three seconds (you will notice a touch confirming that the sound has been deactivated). In this way we avoid having to manually access the controls of the Apple Watch, something quite useful in meetings or at times when we cannot use the watch. You can activate this function from the Watch app by accessing My watch – Sounds and vibrations and checking the option Cover to silence.

Ejects traces of water

The most recent versions of the Apple Watch are water resistant, so we can use the watch during sports such as swimming or surfing. To avoid accidental touches in the water, the Apple Watch has a function called Water Lock (you can activate it from the control center, pressing the icon with the drop of water). When we have finished swimming, simply turn the Digital Crown in any direction and beeps will begin to sound through the speaker to remove water debris from the speaker.

Take screenshots

Like iOS, watchOS also allows us to take screenshots of the information displayed on the clock. The process to follow is very simple, since we only have to press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time. Almost immediately, the The screenshot you just took will be available in the Photos app on your iPhone. Before using this function you will have to activate it from your mobile. To do this, you must open the Watch app and access My Watch – General – Activate screenshots.

Unlock your Mac with the watch

Something that many are unaware of is that we can unlock our Mac automatically if we wear the Apple Watch (as long as our Apple Watch have a lock code). We can activate this function from the Mac. To do this, you have to access System Preferences – Security and privacy – General and check the option “Use the Apple Watch to unlock apps and the Mac”. You can check the technical requirements to check if your devices are compatible.

Make your iPhone ring from Apple Watch

One of my favorite features is the ability to ring the iPhone from the clock. To do this, you just have to press and hold the bottom of the screen and slide up to open the control center. Once there, you will find a button marked with an iPhone icon: you just have to press it to emit a sound on your mobile. Without a doubt, this is a most useful function when you do not remember where you left your iPhone.

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