Truck Accessories: Which Are The Most Useful For Driving?

What are the most suitable truck accessories to make driving comfortable? This question is answered in this article, giving some useful advice. Truck drivers travel long distances and spend most of their days in the cab, which is not only a working environment but also a home. The truck is also a matter of personal identification and, if you are satisfied with the equipment, you do your job better. It is therefore important to equip the vehicle with truck accessories that are comfortable and high-quality travel tools.

Truck Accessories

They cover a very wide range of aspects: any additional element that makes a difference in terms of comfort, safety, economy and performance can be considered an accessory. Just for the sake of clarity, we group the accessories into 3 categories.

Stainless steel truck accessories

First of all, it is worth pointing out that the manufacturers of stainless steel truck accessories that we have selected are world market leaders in the high-tech design and production of stainless steel components and accessories for commercial vehicles and only offer products of excellence, with the precise design and made from the finest raw materials.

Stainless steel is a metal alloy composed of iron and carbon that adds corrosion resistance to the mechanical properties of carbon (resistance to impact and stress). This type of steel is called stainless steel because it is not subject to oxidation, i.e. it does not rust.

Stainless steel truck accessories are appendages that can be installed on different parts of the vehicle.

Here, too, they enhance the equipment by providing a practical addition. But they can also enhance the image of the vehicle. Equipping trucks with rear bumpers is compulsory by law, in order to prevent accidents with cars from turning into fatal tragedies for passengers.

The steel toolboxes are the most versatile of the boxes we have available (plastic, galvanised), as they combine utility with an aesthetic that makes the vehicle look completely different, also embellishing it thanks to their shine.

Mounting a stainless steel wing on your truck means equipping your vehicle with equipment that will last for many years because it resists the action of all external chemical and weather agents.

Cab interior accessories

These are everything that improves comfort inside the truck. They help make the truck more stylish, but also more comfortable and efficient. Generally, these are products from companies specialising in the production of truck accessories that hold various patents attesting to their quality. The fittings are universal or made-to-measure and allow the vehicle to be tailored to meet a wide range of habits and requirements. The non-slip and sweat-proof steering wheel covers promote perspiration and improve grip, making manoeuvring easier.

Mats reduce noise and keep the cabin cleaner and more comfortable. The seat covers to protect the original vehicle upholstery, and are specially made to ensure maximum fit and match the vehicle’s design. They are made of high-quality, waterproof and fireproof material.

Exterior truck accessories

These are accessories that optimise fuel efficiency and reduce the operating costs of the truck. They are small investments that can be amortised in a short time thanks to the savings they make. They are recommended for technical reasons and for their aesthetic impact. The air deflection system includes roof spoilers and side fenders. The system reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent, increases vehicle speed by up to 15 per cent and improves vehicle stability and ground grip.

The best solution is a combination of a roof spoiler and fenders. This optimally reduces air resistance and gives the vehicle an even more attractive design. The sun visor increases road safety by reducing direct sunlight, keeps the cab cooler and gives the vehicle an individual appearance. The bumper spoiler improves aerodynamics and can generate fuel savings by reducing air resistance. Improves vehicle appearance.

The mudflaps are lightweight and resistant to chemicals and low temperatures (-40 °C). Rear mud flaps keep the vehicle and neighbouring vehicles clean by covering the rear wheels. They comply with the regulations in force in most countries. Available in various sizes to suit tyre dimensions.

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