First Car: What Are The Necessary Care

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or used car, if it’s your first car, you’ll want to take care of every detail. Take a look at these recommendations to get the most out of your vehicle.

Having your first car for many people is a dream come true. It can be a zero kilometre car just out of the dealership or a used car with more than 100,000 kilometres on it. It doesn’t matter. Owning a car is a great satisfaction for many people because of the freedom that owning a vehicle allows and because it often involves a lot of effort and savings.

However, when you have your first car, it is very important to know everything you need to do to make sure it is in the best condition to go out on the road.

Insuring the vehicle

Even before you take your first car for a spin, it is essential that it complies with the regulations and laws in force. In Argentina, the compulsory insurance to be able to drive is against third parties. In spite of this, it is advisable to get good advice -either with an insurance company or an insurance producer- to jointly define the best insurance for your new car. This can be against third parties, but also against all risks and with different deductibles. Remember that what is cheap today can be expensive tomorrow.

Maintenance of the first car

Of course, car maintenance will depend a lot on the condition of your first car. A 0 KM car is not the same as a used car with a lot of mileage on it.

For cars that have just left the dealership, the most advisable thing to do is to follow the official service process, which, in addition to keeping the car well cared for, will allow you to maintain the warranty offered by the brand. These warranties are often between three to five years or between 100,000 and 150,000 kilometres.

For those who have a used car for the first time, it is essential, after acquiring it, to take it to a friendly mechanic so that he/she can carry out a comprehensive check-up and make the necessary adjustments.

Of course, this should be done before buying the car, to know what needs to be done and how much it will cost. But, once you have your first car in your possession, do not hesitate to take it to the mechanic so that he can do everything he considers necessary to keep it in the best conditions. And you may need the spare parts too, you should search car parts near me on the Internet and get the best options available to you.

This general check-up, which should then be done periodically, should include the following:

  • Check and oil change every at least 10,000 kilometres.
  • Spare tyre check.
  • Tyre alignment and balancing.
  • Checking the condition of the brakes.

Checking of all electrical components of the car (more and more cars have more and more electrical components, so a failure in one of them can affect the normal operation of the vehicle).


Car cleaning should not be done purely for aesthetic reasons. Keeping a car clean ensures that it is better cared for. Cleaning the exterior helps to avoid marks, as does cleaning the interior. It is also essential to clean the bodywork. You may wonder how often a car should be cleaned.

This will depend on many factors: whether you leave it parked indoors or outdoors, whether it has rained a lot or not, whether you have driven in muddy areas, etc. The important thing is to keep your first car clean inside and out.

Regular check-ups

Even if you don’t know anything about mechanics -for that you will have your trusted garage- it is very important that you learn to do certain things -minimal ones- that will allow you to take better care of your car.

The periodic checks that you can do to your first car are the following:

  • Check tyre pressure.
  • Check the engine fluid levels.
  • Wipe the interior with a damp cloth if dust has accumulated.
  • Remove the carpets and air out the car.

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