Turn off these home appliances and you will have better WiFi

To achieve a good wifi connection, you will have different options available. You can improve the coverage, buy a more powerful network adapter or avoid intruders so that the speed is correct. However, sometimes the problem is in the devices that you have connected to network. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you which devices you should disconnect in order to improve the wireless network at home. You will see that there are different reasons.

Keep in mind that you can have many devices of all kinds connected to the Wi-Fi network. We can name computers, mobiles, tablets or many smart devices, if you have a home with automation. But beware, even devices that don’t connect directly to Wi-Fi can interfere.

What devices to turn off to improve Wi-Fi

If you see that you have problems in your wireless network, consider checking the devices that you have connected. You can see that you have several that can cause problems. We are going to tell you why this can happen and how it will be very useful for you to have better coverage and quality.

Devices you don’t use

The first thing you should disconnect are the gadgets you don’t use. For example, you may have the TV connected to the router but you don’t actually use the network adapter. What happen? The more devices you have connected, the more problems the router can have in resolving connection requests.

Therefore, it is as simple as disconnecting from the network everything that you are not going to need in the short term. When you need to use that TV or any other network connected device, you just plug it in and go. The goal is to have as few devices as possible connected to the wireless network and thus make it work as well as possible. Having many devices affects the Wi-Fi at home.

Devices that use Bluetooth

You should also take into account the option of disconnecting devices that use bluetooth. Especially, those that may be close to the router or devices that you are going to connect to the network. This is so, since the Bluetooth connection works on the frequency close to 2.4 GHz, just like the router does. It may generate interference and cause a malfunction.

We can name, for example, Bluetooth speakers, controls, keyboards… There are many devices that use this technology to communicate with other devices. Indirectly, it could affect other equipment that you need to connect via Wi-Fi. You might notice connection drops, speed loss, and issues.

Audio issues on Bluetooth headsets

old equipment

Yes, in case you have very old appliances connected to Wi-Fi you should turn them off. Specifically, we are talking about devices that use the 802.11b protocol. It is a protocol that appeared more than 20 years ago, so it will be very old devices that you have connected.

What happen? It uses a different modulation to transmit data and that forces the router to use that protocol to communicate with that particular piece of equipment. That affects all the other devices you have connected, even if they are much more modern. Basically, everyone is going to start slowing down.

As you can see, sometimes it is a good idea to turn off certain devices or disconnect them from the Wi-Fi network. The objective is to make the connection work better, without so many cuts or problems. Small changes can make you have a faster Internet and you can surf the web with more guarantees.

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