Turning off the router at night is over, know the reasons to always have it on

The router is a fundamental device to be able to surf the Internet. In fact, we usually always have it on at home, although this sometimes generates some debate about whether or not it should be turned off at night, when we travel, etc. In this article we are going to deal precisely with that, but we are going to talk about why you are going to have your router on for years even if you want to turn it off and save on the electricity bill.

Having the router on is going to be essential

Perhaps it is already so for many users, but it will be even more so in the coming years for everyone. We are not only talking about having the router turned on when we are at home or even at night, but it will also be necessary when we are on vacation, on a work trip, etc. Even if you think you should turn it off and spend less light, you will have the need to keep it on.

Why do we say this? The answer is in the home automation. We have more and more smart devices at home. It is estimated that in a very short time the number of smart homes will double. But of course, to be able to use devices of this type it is necessary to have an Internet connection. That is where the router comes into play and the importance of having it turned on.

Think, for example, that you are on vacation for several weeks without stepping foot in your house. Maybe you think about turning off the router and not wasting electricity. But think about devices that you have or will soon have connected to the Internet in your home:

  • Security cameras
  • Motion, smoke or water sensors
  • Smart appliances of all kinds
  • smart plug
  • smart bulbs
  • Vacuum cleaners that you control by mobile

And so we could name many more devices. All of them will be connected to the router and to be able to communicate with them it needs to be turned on. Otherwise it is as if you do not have a smart home and it would be useless. This will force us to always have the router on, even if we don’t want to. We are not going to leave the house unprotected having security cameras, right?

Routers adapted to the new times

But one change that we are going to have to make in many cases is to have a adapted router to the new times. The fact of having more and more connected and varied devices means that we must have a good device that offers good coverage and also does not become saturated if we connect a large number of things at the same time.

Therefore, in many cases we are going to have to change the router and not only to achieve better Wi-Fi or cable speeds, but also to have great stability. We will have more connected devices that will require a good connection so that they can work constantly without problems.

In short, although turning off the router is an option that we can currently consider to save energy when we are not at home, in the future it is something that we will not be able to do. At least not if we want to use home automation devices and adapt our homes. Of course, sometimes you will have to restart it to solve common problems with the router.

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