Valve is developing new single player games

Succeeding today in the video game industry is not easy, although it is much more complicated if developers focus their titles on the classic campaign mode. What is most successful today are multiplayer modes, especially massive ones like battle-royale . But Valve ignores the fashions.

They’ve been proving it for years and have recently done it again with Half-Life: Alyx. Virtual Reality and single player stories are by no means a trend. Even so, it has achieved very good reviews by specialized press and users, who bought VR glasses just to enjoy this masterpiece.

Given the good response from the gamer community, Valve has not hesitated to continue betting on single player stories. This is indicated by Gabe Newell , the head of the company behind some of the best video games in history such as Half-Life 2 and Portal 2.

Several developments will be announced soon

Valve’s ambition knows no limits. With Alyx, the capabilities of Virtual Reality have been fully exploited, proposing a title that is also very well optimized. In the most recent interview with the CEO of the company, carried out by the TVNZ media outlet, he was asked about upcoming developments.

Without clarify if any of them will be exclusive for VR glasses, has confirmed that his team has already been working on various developments for some time, avoiding specifying the exact figure .

The interviewer asked him directly for Citadel , a code name that according to fans of the saga refers to Half-Life 3, which would be released for PC. Deviating from this question to maintain the intrigue, he has affirmed that the good reception of Alyx has been a before and after for the company.

And it is that some employees suggested that it was time to take action by testing titles that focus on multiplayer experiences. However, Gabe Newell remained predisposed to continue betting on what made this study great: stories for a single player .

Ante evasive when asked about Half-Life, it is to be expected that it is most likely another launch based on said franchise. However, perhaps the company intends to innovate with a new saga never seen before, maintaining its own style and quality that have always characterized the company.

Precisely one of the details that have been hinted is related to the duration. Generally speaking, Valve always tends to shape stories that involve games of approximately twenty hours . According to Gabe Newell, the next releases would revolve around that figure.

On the other hand, the possibility of them coming out for desktop consoles seems to be completely ruled out. Valve has always remained faithful to PC, in order to give wings to its Steam platform, and it will most likely continue to be the case with the video games that will see the light from 2022 .

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