VPNs do not stop growing and these are the reasons

To surf the Internet, an option that gains weight every day is to have a vpn. In this article we are going to explain why it is more and more necessary and we will also give some advice on what to take into account when installing this type of program. You will find many options available on the Internet, but not all of them will work equally well.

VPNs, increasingly present

In recent years we have seen a major rise of VPNs. Although it is something that has been with us for a long time and there has always been a large number of options available, we can say that in the last two years we have seen a significant explosion. And this is mainly due to several factors, as we are going to see.

Increased use of Wi-Fi networks

One of the clear reasons for the increase in VPNs in recent times is that we use more public Wi-Fi networks. We can find them practically anywhere, such as an airport, shopping center, bus station, library… But that can be dangerous.

That network may have been created by an attacker to steal data. What the VPN does is encrypt the connection and thus prevent the data we send from leaking. It will make connecting on public networks, wherever it is, more secure.

telecommuting boom

Also worth mentioning is the increase in remote work in these last two years. The pandemic has brought important changes in this regard and one of them is that many people have started working from home, but they need to access company networks or services that may be restricted.

To maintain security or to be able to simulate another location and not have access problems, it is necessary to have a VPN. Hence, these applications have also increased quite a bit lately.

More privacy awareness

No doubt the privacy It is a fundamental factor when browsing the Internet. It is something that we also take more care of today. We use more social networks, more services on the network, and that means that our data can be constantly exposed if we are not careful and do not take action.

VPNs also help us improve privacy. We are going to encrypt the connections and prevent a third party from collecting data if we connect to a network that may be dangerous. A way to hide where we are, what is the IP, etc.

Use of video platforms

Another reason is that there has been a significant increase in streaming video platforms. Services like Netflix are very popular today. But of course, sometimes they are restricted in other countries. If we are traveling and we want to watch a series that is only broadcast in Spain, we are going to have to use a VPN.

For this reason, this type of program has also grown in use recently. It makes it necessary to connect to servers that are in other countries and thus avoid possible geographical blocks that may exist.

In short, as you can see, the use of VPNs has grown lately and there are several reasons for this. More Wi-Fi networks available, greater concern about privacy or the increase in telecommuting are some of them. Especially a VPN is very useful on mobile.

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