What devices you should never put next to the router

To have a good Internet connection it is essential that the router works correctly. If we make a mistake in its configuration, if we put it in the wrong place or it has a problem, this will hamper the operation of Wi-Fi and, in general, of our network. In this article we are going to talk about devices that we should never put near the routeras they could affect the Internet connection.

Devices to move away from the router

The wifi networks They are sensitive to interference. There are certain devices that can affect the signal. This translates into loss of speed, but also of coverage or even generating continuous cuts that cause us to not be able to connect to the network. It is convenient to know which are the devices that most often affect and keep them as far away as possible.

Microwave oven

Undoubtedly one of the devices that can most affect the router is the microwave. This appliance uses the 2.4 GHz band, in the same way as routers (although they can also use the 5 GHz band). Therefore, they can generate interference and block the signal if we put it close. Use a similar spectrum.

The ideal in these cases is to move the router away, but also move away any other device that can connect to the router. For example, don’t use your mobile via Wi-Fi near the microwave or don’t put a computer nearby. In these cases the signal could be affected and we would have problems connecting.


It is also not a good idea to put the television near the router. can also generate signal interference and prevent other devices from connecting or even the TV itself from working properly. It can affect the image quality as well as the Wi-Fi network.

But we can also apply this to other devices related to television. For example a video player to connect wirelessly. If we have these devices nearby, there could be a conflict between them and have difficulties connecting.

worse for wifi


We can mention radiators due to the fact that they are more distributed throughout the house, but also refrigerators or washing machines. In this case what really affects are the pipes they have. Conductors where water circulates will damage the wireless signal and cause problems.

The Water what it will cause is that the signal weakens and we may have problems connecting from further away. The more water, the worse it will work. Wi-Fi, due to its own technology, does not work in this type of environment.

Any electronic device

Beyond moving the router away from these devices that we have mentioned, the truth is that we should move away any other that we have at home. Having electronic devices near the router can cause overheatingas well as possible interference with the wireless network.

Never put anything on top of the router, nor next to it. Any source of heat could cause problems that affect the electronic components and ultimately damage the Wi-Fi signal or even the operation of the Ethernet connectors, in case we connect by cable.

In short, beyond correctly configuring the router, it is essential to place it in a good place. The advisable thing is in a central location of the house, located in height and away from any other device that may be interfering.

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