What is a freelancer visa and how to get it in the UAE?

By 2022, the UAE and Dubai, in particular, have launched many programs to attract foreign investors and personnel. One of these initiatives was adopted on September 5, 2021. This is the “Projects 50” program, launched on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country. It contains conditions for self-employed citizens and freelancers who should encourage this category of foreigners to cooperate more actively with the UAE.

The source Emirates.Estate tells its readers about the features and main advantages of a freelancer visa.

Freelancer license

A freelancer license is a permit that allows freelancers to work as independent contractors. This permit must be renewed annually. Previously, these permits were issued only to citizens of the Persian Gulf countries, now it is officially available to non-residents. Today, freelancers can legally work in the country. To start working in the country, the self-employed do not need to rent an office or other premises.

Foreigners can also apply for a visa. It can be extended every 3 years. This type of visa will allow a freelancer to live and work in the country as a self-employed. A freelancer visa allows cooperating with any companies within the country, including free economic zones.

Features of a freelancer visa in Abu Dhabi

According to the resolution, there are 48 types of activities that can be engaged in with a freelancer license. These include:

  • Production and design of clothing;
  • Calligraphy;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Statistical consultations;
  • Design and project management services;
  • Organization of events;
  • Drawing;
  • Web design;
  • •Jewelry design, etc.

Features of a freelancer visa in Dubai

Freelancers in Dubai can only work in certain industries, including media, education, technology, and design. In particular, the following types of activities are allowed in the emirate:

  • Actor;
  • Animator;
  • Aerial photographer;
  • Audio or sound engineer;
  • Artist;
  • Cinematographer;
  • Content maker;
  • Copywriter, etc.

How to get a permit for a freelance visa in the UAE?

The process of obtaining a freelance visa in the UAE includes obtaining a freelance work permit, an institution card, a freelance work visa, and a residence visa.

A freelance visa is issued in free economic zones. The procedure for obtaining this type of visa includes the following steps:

  • Filling out an application to join the freelancer community;
  • Receiving confirmation by email;
  • Visit to a business center in one of Dubai’s specialized communities.

What documents need to be prepared:

  • CV;
  • Personal photo;
  • Copy of passport and visa;
  • Letter of recommendation from the bank;
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the sponsor in the UAE.

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