What is the Importance Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing is a no-fail method for businesses to grow.
With digital marketing, you can:

  • Boost your digital presence,
  • Build brand awareness, 
  • Attract local and global audiences, and 
  • Convert casual visitors into paying customers.

But just a text-based strategy won’t do. 

The recipe for a successful digital marketing strategy includes equal measures of visual elements too. 

And most small and medium businesses understand the importance of graphic design.


But you don’t have to blindly believe what everyone else believes. 

Here are 5 reasons that show the importance of graphic design in digital marketing

Read on. 

5 Reasons why graphic design is important for digital marketing strategy

1. Good design = more website traffic 

Studies show that 94% of consumers would leave a website with poor design.


SEO is one of the key elements in any company’s digital marketing strategy. 

The goal of search engine optimization?
Increase your website’s visibility on search engines and get more people to visit your site. 

Now picture this. Your digital marketing team spends hours crafting the perfect SEO plan. Optimizations are carried out. And your website finally ranks for the right set of keywords. People are clicking through and your website is getting traffic.

But what if they come, see the bad design on your site, and bounce back without engaging any further?

That’s a colossal waste of your digital marketing efforts, right?

Good graphic design, however, can make people stay. Plus, it urges people to engage with your website, and hopefully make a purchase/request a quote too.

2. Visual messages > Text-only/audio messages 

According to when people hear a message, they remember only 10% of it after 3 days. However, if the message includes graphics, people remember 65% of it after 3 days. 

Now imagine what they could mean for your social media strategy, for example. 

You could either use audio/text messages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Or you could couple them with professionally designed graphics. 

In the first case, your audience will remember no more than 10% of your brand’s messaging. In the latter case, 65% of your brand messaging will stay with your audience. 

You don’t need us to tell you what’s better.

And we are not the only ones saying that. Even digital marketing specialists agree that visuals are important for content and messaging. 32% of digital marketers claim that images are the most important type of content. It is followed by videos at 24%. And podcasting sits at the far end with just 1% of specialists considering it important. 

3. Visuals build credibility and engagement 

46% of website visitors use website design as the base criteria for judging a brand’s credibility. 


A 2019 research from QuickSprout concluded that users stop engaging with websites that offer a poor visual experience. 

That means no matter how high your website ranks, visitors won’t become loyal customers unless you offer them a pleasing visual experience. 

They would not engage with your website and neither would they trust your business. 

So how can you get engagement and build trust? It is possible only through effective and efficient graphic design. 

And without visuals and graphics, your digital marketing campaigns would yield subpar results. Due to poor visual experience, you will lose:

  • The visitors who find your site via search engines.
  • Those who come to your website from your social media platforms.
  • Leads that you generate via paid ads or email marketing campaigns. 

The importance of visuals for driving engagement is evident on social media too. 

Here’s how:

  • Blog articles with images get 2 times more social shares than those without any graphics.
  • Social media posts with visual elements are known to have garnered up to 650% higher engagement than their text-only counterparts. 
  • On Twitter it is seen that tweets with visual assets get 150% more retweets.
  • On Facebook, posts with visually-appealing imagery got 230% higher engagement. 

4. Design surpasses language borders

Over 1.35 billion people across the world speak English. That’s around 17% of the world population. 

So that’s many people you can reach at max with a website that has English content. What about the rest of the world, though?

You have the option of creating multilingual websites. Of course, that’s time taking and expensive. 

A simpler alternative: design and visuals that communicate your brand’s messaging.

With graphics, you can surpass language borders and reach audiences even if they don’t speak the same language as you. 

Do you recognize the logo above? 

Without even a single written character, anyone can understand that it is Apple’s logo. 

Place it on a laptop and without uttering a word, you have made it known that the product is of top quality. 

That’s the power of visuals. 

The right graphics can build brand identity, instill trust, and help you truly go global.

5. Right designs can increase sales


Joel Spolsky, the man behind Trello famously said, “Design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

Data backs him up. 

A study by the Design Council revealed that for every £100 a business invests in design its turnover increases by £225.

Other studies have proven that good design can increase returns by 25%.

Wondering how that’s possible? 

Among other things, the color of the visuals is an important driver of returns. 

For example, the right colors improve readership by 43% and comprehension by 73%.

Thus, ultimately colors also affect purchasing decisions. For not one or two, but 92.6% of consumers. 

Now say you include color psychology in your product photography, social media visuals, videos, and website elements like CTAs. 

The result –  You can get more people to click on the buy button. 

Alright, I’m headed to stock image sites now…

Wait. Do you think that all graphics will yield similar results for your digital marketing strategy?


Well, you are mistaken. 

In terms of performance, 40% of digital marketers have revealed that original graphics performed best and delivered the maximum engagement. 

Videos and presentations were next with 24% of digital marketers vouching for them.

Thus, you don’t just need graphics and designs. You need original graphics

How about using graphic design tools for DIY graphics?

Did you know that 11% of digital marketers spend over 15 hours each week on graphic design? 

These are probably those who have a knack for design or maybe a thing for staying inefficient. 

You can, of course, join their ranks and use graphic design tools and software for DIY designs. But remember that 43% of digital marketers found that lack of consistency in creating engaging graphics is a key challenge.

And if you are not consistent in your design, your digital marketing strategy is unlikely to see an advantage. 

The solution? Get experts who create great designs not just by chance but by habit. Professional graphic designers who understand the art form and have expertise in it can best help you in boosting your digital marketing strategy. 

Get graphic design services to complement your digital marketing strategy today

With that, you now have evidence-backed reasons to hire a graphic designer

It will ease the burden of creating great designs from your shoulders. And not just that, it will also give a much-needed boost to your digital marketing strategy. 

So don’t wait up. Find the right graphic designers and get started today.

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