What Should I Take Into Account When Choosing An Interior Door?

Replacing interior doors, or selecting which ones to install in your new home, is a step that may seem trivial. But it is actually quite important. Although their installation offers no major problems, and their change or placement is a task that can be performed quickly, their choice should not be made lightly. Interior doors, in addition to separating rooms from each other, add much more to a home.

This type of door contributes to a house having a feeling of greater or lesser warmth, depending on the model and the materials with which they are made. It also has an impact on whether it looks more or less cozy. And it directly influences the style of the house. Therefore, it is not something to be taken lightly. If you do not know where to start to choose interior doors for your home after coming this far, do not worry. Below we detail everything you should consider when choosing the doors to be installed in your home.

Interior doors: keep the style in mind

When decorating a house, you always choose to do it with a certain style, with which the owners are satisfied. It is advisable that, as far as possible, the doors respect it. Otherwise, the result will be, to say the least, strange. Fortunately, there are doors that, in addition to being made from different materials, also have different styles. The most commonly used is perhaps the traditional or classic style, in which the doors are usually made of plain wood or with some discreet molding, in different colors, lacquers and finishes. This style of door, in case of doubt, is the one that can be more combinable with other styles of decoration that are not very defined or that do not have an equivalent indoors.

In addition to this style, there are the colonial-style doors, which stand out for their classicism and elegance, generally in solid wood. Also in rustic, a very common style in homes located in rural areas. In the latter case, the doors are all made of wood but do not necessarily have to be finished in their natural color. Nowadays you can find rustic style interior doors with different colors and finishes. Even with various textures, which play with the characteristics that wood can present.

If the style of the house is sober and modern, the most suitable doors are perhaps those of contemporary style, which can also be used in industrial-style environments depending on how they have been manufactured. These doors are made from different materials and with various finishes, so just choose the one that best suits the decor in this style.

In case you prefer richer and more detailed decoration, Victorian-style doors may be the most recommended. They are doors that can be made of different materials, but they always have a great level of detail on their external faces, with no lack of ornaments either.

Use of folding doors

In this case, the best thing to do is to place folding doors. It is a solution widely used in pantry doors or in those that give access to small toilets. Even in storage rooms. These are doors that have two leaves made up of several narrow panels that fold over each other when the doors are opened sideways.

In the same way as sliding doors, but in this case, the door leaves do not move outwards. Instead, they fold in on themselves. Once the door is open, its sheets are folded one over the other, on one or both sides of the door. You can easily find aluminium sliding doors suitable for residential or commercial areas in Pretoria and get them installed in your home.

Necessary light in the room

When choosing interior doors, it is also necessary to consider whether the room in which they will be placed has enough natural light or whether the door needs to let in some light. In these cases, you can opt for interior doors that have, at least in part, glass that lets light in all or part of its structure. Generally, this glass will be translucent so that what is behind it is not completely visible. That is to say, the doors will incorporate in this case glass that lets light through but does not let you see what is behind.

This does not compromise the style that you want to choose for the door, since these crystals can be mounted both in wooden door structures (especially if the glass or crystals only occupies part of the door), as in metal frames. The door can even be made entirely of glass, which is quite common in the doors of offices and rooms in many offices.

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