What to Do if You Find a Lost AirTag

What Is an AirTag?

The Airtag is a small lightweight disc by Apple; it is designed to be attached to items to track them with the ‘Find My’ app on Apple devices. One side of this disc has the Apple logo on it while the other side is blank and can be personalized with an engraving. 

How Does an AirTag Work?

Unlike GPS devices and cell phones, AirTag doesn’t require users to have a subscription to an affordable internet plans check Spectrum internet prices and others to be functional. It uses Bluetooth wireless signals to communicate with your iPhone and the ‘Find My’ app. Besides, the device has a U1 chip inside which lets you get its exact location using ultra-wideband radio waves. To work out the location of the AirTag, the chip measures the time taken for the radio waves to pass between the two devices. 

The Best AirTag Features

The AirTag offers several benefits to users of iPhone and Apple devices. Here are some of its best features.

#1. Simple Design & Easy to Set Up

AirTags are round in shape and small in size. They are IP67 rated water, splash and dust resistant. This means they will even work if they are submerged in water for up to half an hour. Owing to this ability, you can conveniently attach it to your backpack or your pet’s collar without having to worry about bad weather conditions. 

Setting up your AirTag is a rather simple process. Firstly, update your iPhone to 14.5 or later. Then make sure that ‘Find My’ is enabled and Bluetooth is turned on. Your iPhone should also be connected to the internet. Bring your iPhone and AirTag closer and pull away the plastic cover. The AirTag will automatically detect your phone and show a screen on it. Tap connect and name your AirTag to be able to distinguish it from others. You can also choose from the suggestion list (Jacket, Keys, etc). Tap Custom Name and when prompted to register the device with your Apple ID, click continue. A done button will appear in a few moments. Click it and you’re all set to use the AirTag. 

#2. Precision Tracking

 AirTag utilizes the U1 chip (found in iPhone 11 and 12 series) for precision tracking. With the U1 chip and ultra-wideband technology, AirTag is able to measure the distance between itself and the iPhone and return a precise location. 

So when you click on the AirTag in the ‘Find My’ app, it will use the data from the accelerometer, camera, gyroscope and ARKit and will guide the owner to the device by using a combination of haptics, sound and visual feedback. Apple also has a VoiceOver feature; this is particularly useful for people who are visually not able or have weak eyesight. It provides directions like “AirTag is 6 feet away on the right” thereby making it easy to locate. 

#3. Price

Apple launched the AirTag in April 2021 and it has been making waves ever since. It is available for a price of $29 as of now. The company is also offering a $99 bundle deal for 4 AirTags. If you purchase the device from the Apple store, you can customize it with an emoji, and that too free of cost. 

#4. Privacy

If you’re concerned that using AirTags may compromise your privacy, rest assured that is not the case. The device doesn’t store the location data. It only relays a signal to the closest Apple device which is then used to find the exact location of the AirTag. Apple has confirmed that the data is kept private and all communication with the ‘Find My’ network is encrypted. Also, if the AirTag detects that it is being used for wrong purposes, it stops relaying the location. In case it is separated from the owner, it plays a sound to draw attention towards itself. 

What to Do if You Find a Lost AirTag

It’s not difficult to find your Airtag if you lose it. You can put it in the Lost Mode and it will create a trigger in the ‘Find My’ network of Apple. If the device is nearby, it will relay its location to your iPhone. The question is, what should you do if you find a lost AirTag that belongs to someone else. 

First of all, you need to have an NFC-equipped iPhone or Android device to be able to return the AirTag back to its owner. If you do, you can scan the AirTag by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Bring your phone close to the AirTag and hold its back against the side of the device which is white. Then wait for it to be detected.
  • Click the notification that appears on the screen of your phone. A browser window will open providing the device’s serial number and other relevant information. 
  • If the owner of the AirTag has marked it as lost, you will be able to see a message with their contact details.
  • In case the owner has not provided any information, you can either wait for them to do so or simply hand over the AirTag to the nearest Apple Store. If they return to find it where it was last seen, they may ask around and be able to track it through their ‘Find My’ app.

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