Which cable to use in PLC devices

Best cable for PLC devices

Not all Ethernet cables are the same, and we can verify that simply by connecting a computer to the router. If it is Fast Ethernet, we will be limited to a maximum of 100 Mbps. In the case of having Gigabit Ethernet, we can reach up to 1 Gbps of upload and download speed.

When using the PLC devices we can say that it is the same. If we want to achieve maximum speed and stability, it is important to choose the Ethernet cable well. There are different categories, regardless of whether it is Fast or Gigabit. The higher the category, the less problems we will have if, for example, we are going to connect a computer at a long distance by cable.

But basically we can say that the ideal is to have a cable that supports Gigabit Ethernet. If our PLC devices support more than 100 Mbps, something that is common today, we need this type of cabling and not be limited. There are many users who have speed problems and the reason is that they use an old Fast Ethernet cable, which they had at home from an ADSL router, for example.

Therefore, if you are going to connect a computer, a television or any other device by cable to a PLC device, it is essential that you check what wiring you are using. This will help you to achieve optimal performance, avoid annoying cuts and, of course, that the speed is correct.

The power line is essential

But PLC devices connect to each other through the Powerline. It is essential that it works well, that it does not have any problems. For example, old wiring can cause speed to be limited, to go a shorter distance, and to appear continuous cuts.

It will also affect the fact of putting other appliances nearby. For example having electrical devices connected near the PLCs, either at one end or the other, can affect the signal. Especially if these devices work over Wi-Fi, as they can create interference.

To prevent this from happening, beyond using a good Ethernet cable to connect the devices to the PLCs, it is interesting to connect them directly to the electrical network. It is a mistake to connect them to a power strip, since this causes the signal power to be lost and problems can appear.

In short, having PLC devices is very useful to be able to improve wireless coverage at home and have more devices also connected by cable and Wi-Fi. However, we must bear in mind the importance of using a good Ethernet cable. We recommend Gigabit, to achieve maximum speed.

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