which one to choose at home to connect to the Internet

Plastic optical fiber is a very good option for wiring our house and enjoying a fast, seamless Internet connection from anywhere. This type of technology will allow us to introduce the POF fiber cable in the same conduits as the electrical cables, without having problems with interference caused by them. When is it worth putting POF fiber at home? Is it better to use PLC devices to bring the Internet to any corner of the house? Today in RedesZone we are going to see in which cases one option or another is worth it.

Use plastic optical fiber in these cases

The plastic optical fiber It is a technology that is becoming increasingly popular among users who want to achieve high Internet speeds anywhere in the house. This technology allows us to pass a flexible fiber cable through conventional electrical wiring, but without having any type of interference as would happen with copper Ethernet network cables. We will have to place one of the devices near the router, and connect it to it via an Ethernet network cable. We can connect the other device wherever we are going to take the cable, and connect a PC via cable and even a WiFi Mesh node to enjoy wireless connectivity.

This technology is ideal for the following cases:

  • If your house is not wired with Ethernet network cable beforehand, and you want to wire to bring connection anywhere at a high speed, it is a very good option.
  • If you need run wiring through electrical cable ductsthis technology will not suffer any type of interference or crosstalk.
  • you want to get real speeds up to 1Gbps symmetrical from any point of the house.

However, the negative part of this technology is the price of the kits, both the devices that transform the electrical signal into light as well as the wiring is much more expensive than the usual Ethernet network cable, however, we will have latency and jitter minima. Of course, if you do not have empty conduits in your house to pass network cable, and you have to use the conduits where the electrical cables pass through, this option of using POF fiber is ideal for you.

Today there are kits that have several outputs, to wire several rooms simultaneously, and there are even manageable switches with POF fiber ports, the problem is their price, which is really high.

Better PLCs in these scenarios

PLC or Powerline devices are a very interesting alternative in certain scenarios. Compared to POF fiber, they are clearly worse in every way, and that is that we are going to have a lower real connection speed, higher latency and higher jitter.

However, you may be interested in buying these devices because they have very interesting strengths:

  • much easier installation, is to connect the device and they will automatically synchronize with each other to provide us with a connection. There is no need to run a fiber cable through conduit, cut, connect and check that everything is working properly.
  • Cheapersome good PLCs are around €200 approximately, although there are models with better value for money that are around €120 approximately.

As you can see, Powerlines also have a very important market niche, where users do not want to complicate their lives too much and want a totally Plug&Play connection. In addition, we must bear in mind that they are cheaper than plastic fiber optic kits. .

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