Why can’t I click on the WiFi icon in Windows?

It should also be mentioned that the malware It may be behind such problems and the Wi-Fi icon may not work when clicked. There are many types of viruses that can directly affect system processes and their different components. This could also affect Internet connections.

How to fix the problem

After explaining why the Wi-Fi icon is not working and what can cause this problem, we are going to give a series of steps you can take to correct the mistake. You will see that the normal thing is that it is solved quickly once you make sure that the system is correctly configured and everything is updated.

Update equipment and Wi-Fi adapter

The first thing you should see is that the system and the network card are updated correctly. If they are not, it is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the Wi-Fi icon does not work when you click on it and you will not be able to choose the wireless network to which you are going to connect or even you will not be able to connect to any.

In the case of Windows, to update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings, go to Windows Update and there they will show you possible pending updates. It is a simple and fast process, although it may take more or less to complete depending on whether or not there are many files pending updating and your connection.

Update Windows 11

For the Wi-Fi network card, to update it you have to go to Start, enter Device Manager, Network adapters and select the corresponding card there. You have to click with the right mouse button and give update driver. This is something you should do to make sure you have the latest version and there are no conflicts with the system.

Update card in Windows 11

Check system configuration

Another step you must take is to verify that the system configuration works correctly. It is one of the reasons why the Wi-Fi icon does not work. A failure in the configuration, some program that you have installed and has modified something in the system or any similar problem.

In this case you have to go to Start, look for System Configuration and open it. inside tab General, you have to make sure that the first option is checked: Normal startup. This allows you to load all the device drivers and services that make it work properly.

Select startup in system settings

Additionally, in the tab Services you need to make sure they are all enabled. You can click Enable all and check that each of the boxes is checked, since otherwise problems of this type could appear, such as the Wi-Fi icon not reacting.

Enable services in Windows

Use the Windows troubleshooter

You can also use your own windows troubleshooter, since it is an interesting option to solve certain errors at the system level that may appear. This will allow you to verify that everything related to the network works correctly and the Wi-Fi will respond without problems.

To use this Windows tool you have to go to Start, enter Settings, System and there you go to Troubleshooter, which is one of the options that appears in the list. Once inside you give Other problem solvers.

Other troubleshooters

Several options will appear and the ones that interest you are those related to the network and connections. You can run the troubleshooter to detect failures in the Internet connection and also in network adapters. Once the process is finished you will be able to see if there really is a fault and it has been possible to solve it or not.

Connection Troubleshooter

Reboot the network card

This type of failure is usually related to the network card and its drivers. Therefore, another step you can take is to restart the network card. Here we are going to show a couple of options, since both can be useful to get everything working correctly.

The first is reset Wi-Fi card from the system. You can go to Start, enter Device Manager, Network Adapters and select the corresponding card there. You have to click the right mouse button and click Disable adapter to later re-enable it.

In addition, another alternative you have to restart the card and return the default values ​​is to go to Start, enter Settings, Network and Internet, Advanced network settings and there you click network reset. This will return everything to the default values, so you can troubleshoot any issues that have arisen.

Check for malware

The possibility that there is some type of virus in the system that prevents it from working correctly is another reason why the Wi-Fi icon does not respond well. Therefore, you must take measures to solve it as soon as possible and also prevent it from affecting your security and privacy.

What can you do to fix it? It is best to have a good antivirus. Windows Defender itself is a good solution, but you can also use alternatives like Avast or Bitdefender. There are many options, both free and paid, to protect your computer and avoid problems.

Once you have a good security program, you have to perform an analysis and detect possible malware that may exist. Later you clean the system of threats, restart it and try again if the Wi-Fi icon works well or not. However, it is essential that the issue of security is something basic in your day to day life and the best of all is to avoid reaching this point and always improve protection.


In short, if you see that the Wi-Fi icon is not working properly, it could be caused by different reasons. Generally it is a conflict at the software level, for example that the system is outdated or the drivers of the network card do not work correctly and that causes errors. There may also be some malware behind it or a specific flaw in the Windows configuration.

You can follow the steps that we have explained and see if in this way your wireless network works normally again and you can choose which Wi-Fi network you are going to connect to. These are simple and very useful steps to be able to solve problems of this type that may appear at any given time.

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