Why do I have faster Internet speed on one computer than another

Having a good internet connection is very important

We live in an age where we are connected to the network in practically all situations. We can have mobile devices that allow us to interact with friends or family through instant messaging applications, social networks and a host of services.

We also have more and more computers with network access. We are no longer talking only about a computer or mobile, but about a wide range of possibilities. What is known as the Internet of Things offers many possibilities for our day to day.

However, it is essential to have a good connection so that all this is possible. It is useless to have a good team, good programs and services on the Internet, if then the connectivity is bad, the speed is slow and there are continuous cuts.

Therefore, it is convenient to solve any type of problem that may appear. One of them is not having access to the network from a device or that for some reason the speed is very limited on that computer or mobile. We can usually solve this easily, following a series of tips. Sometimes the problem can be hardware and it will require some investment to repair the problem.

The Internet is bad on one computer but good on the rest

This is a problem that happens to many users. They have a good Internet connection, they get a good speed to your home, they connect without problems from all the computers but for some reason a computer works badly. They connect and see that the speed is very limited, that there are problems navigating, opening platforms or services and, ultimately, using the network.

Logically, the problem is not the connection of the house, since when doing a speed test on another computer the results are good. That makes it clear that there is something wrong with that particular equipment or with the possible wiring that we have. We are going to show what are some of the most common reasons.

Coverage arrives bad

Undoubtedly the most common reason for a computer to have poor speed and work well in the rest is that a bad coverage. It is common for there to be areas where the Wi-Fi gets bad and this causes poor speed, stability problems and outages.

To avoid this we can make use of numerous devices. For example we can mention Wi-Fi repeaters, PLC devices and Mesh systems. This way we can cover a larger area and avoid the dead zones that we always have.

Now, to avoid problems we also have to configure these devices correctly. Sometimes even if we have 100% coverage from a repeater we can have bad speed. This occurs when this device is connected too far from the router.

Network card problem

It could also be that there is a problem with the network card from that computer. It is a fundamental piece to be able to connect and if it has a fault it could cause that the speed is not adequate or that we do not receive the signal well.

As we know, we can have a card integrated in the motherboard and also an external one that we connect via USB. Sometimes laptops don’t come with a good built-in card and users go for the second option. It is an alternative to take into account if we see that the connection does not work correctly, although we do have good speed on other computers.

Malware on the system

Of course the malicious software It can also be behind many of the problems that affect our devices. If the Internet is slow on one computer but we see that it works well in the rest, we could have some variety of malware on the system.

What can we do to prevent it? There are many security tools that we can install on our computers. In this sense, we have a wide range of possibilities and not just an antivirus; we can also have a firewall, browser extensions and other programs that help prevent the entry of attacks.

We do not have the updated equipment

It is always important to keep our correctly updated systems. Sometimes problems appear that we must correct so that everything works properly. If the connection is slow on one computer but good on the rest, it may be that we have an obsolete computer and that prevents us from being able to navigate normally.

Our advice is to always have the latest version of the operating system, the programs we use and, of course, the firmware of the network card. In Windows we have to go to Start, we enter Device Manager, Network adapters and there we select the corresponding card to update the driver. This way we will always achieve that it works correctly and not have compatibility problems.

Update network card drivers

We are using a bad cable

Are we using the computer connected by cable and the Internet is slow? The problem could be the cabling. This is relatively common. Users find that connecting wirelessly has better speed than wired.

The cause is almost always due to the use of a network cable that does not support more than 100 Mbps. We would be limited to Fast Ethernet and if, for example, we have contracted 300 Mbps optical fiber, we could not achieve that speed. We would be obliged to switch cables if we want to get it to work as well as possible.

Interference with antivirus or firewall

We have previously commented that having security programs it is very important to avoid problems with malware. It can help to improve the speed and always keep the smooth running. However misuse of these tools could also cause problems.

Especially with the firewall we could have network errors. It could be limiting the speed or not allowing us to use certain programs, which would also lead to crashes and connection errors. We must control the programs that we have installed and their configuration.

Ultimately, these are some of the main reasons why the Internet is slow on one computer, but works well on the rest. We can take into account the advice we have been giving to achieve optimal performance.

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