Why don’t Facebook and Instagram protect your messages

Maintaining security and privacy when browsing the Internet, using messaging programs or social networks is essential. However, it does not always happen and we can have problems if, for example, a service we use does not protect our data well. In this article we echo the reasons that have been given since Facebook and Instagram not to end-to-end encrypt messages, something that many users demand to increase security.

Why don’t Facebook and Instagram encrypt messages

End-to-end encryption is a feature that many messaging applications already incorporate, such as WhatsApp. It basically means that everything we send will travel safely, encrypted, until it reaches the sender. This prevents, for example, no one can intercept it if we are connected through a public Wi-Fi network that could be dangerous.

The thing is, two of the most popular social media apps, Facebook and Instagram, don’t use end-to-end encryption. It is something that many demand but that is taking too long in time. In fact, we recently learned that until 2023 will not arrive.

But, why so much delay? As they have now indicated, it is about meticulous work they are doing to implement end-to-end encryption. Basically, they indicate that they have a responsibility to protect users and that they will not leave any loose ends for that encryption to be exploited.

This, according to those responsible for Facebook and Instagram, is being a problem to have it ready in the short term. In addition, it is going to last at least one more year. Now, the striking thing is that WhatsApp, which also belongs to the same group, has implemented end-to-end encryption for a long time.

Extreme encryption on Facebook

Artificial intelligence to detect threats

The main reason why it will take longer to implement end-to-end encryption on Facebook and Instagram is that they will use the artificial intelligence to proactively detect accounts through different malicious behavior patterns and thus be able to protect private messages.

They indicate that your technology will be capable of parse unencrypted parts of their platforms, such as account information or photos found in public places, and in this way to be able to detect suspicions and abuses.

Ultimately, end-to-end encryption on Facebook and Instagram will be a long time coming. The reason, according to those responsible, is that they are working so that this encryption is superior, very safe, and avoid any type of problem that may arise and be exploited by an attacker.

For now, what we users can do is try improve account security to avoid problems. It is essential to use a good password that prevents the entry of intruders. Also always use official applications that offer us guarantees that there is no security breach. In addition, we must always keep in mind the importance of updating systems and programs to correct errors. We can always improve privacy on Facebook.

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