Why e-mail is the weak point of your network security

Email is a security problem

Why is email a problem for computer security? It is precisely because a very used service. The fact that all kinds of users use it in their day-to-day lives makes it something widely used by hackers to launch cyber attacks. They are more likely that the victim will make a mistake because there are many options.

Keep in mind that it is something widely used by both home users and companies and organizations. This makes the attacks can be very varied, oriented according to the profile of the victim. They will be able to steal passwords, collect personal data, take control of the device…

The point is that the main attacks follow a similar pattern: they send a malicious attachment or sneak a link that, when clicked, takes us to a fake page where the game begins. That’s when they can steal passwords by logging in or registering our personal data without our noticing. For example, opening a spam email is a security problem. May contain malware.

Another issue that makes e-mail a security problem is that we use it both on the computer and on the mobile. This last case is precisely the one that has caused many of the most recent cyber attacks. The attackers can send an email and the victim, when opening it from their mobile, does not manage the risk well and ends up clicking where they should not.

Phishing images that arrive by mail

What to do to avoid problems

So what can we do to avoid security problems when using email? The truth is that being protected is very simple, since the main thing is the common sense. You should avoid making mistakes, such as avoiding clicking on links that you receive and you don’t really know who is behind it, or downloading attachments that come to you and can be dangerous.

Another very important point is to always have security programs. A good antivirus can help prevent attacks that arrive through the mail. For example, if you accidentally download an attached file that is actually a virus, the antivirus will launch a warning and prevent that malicious software from running and compromising your security.

On the other hand, you must also have the properly updated equipment. Many of these attacks that arrive by email are going to exploit some vulnerability that there is in your system. Those uncorrected flaws can lead to intruders or malware running. Therefore, you must always have the equipment updated with the latest versions.

In short, email is a weak point in computer security. However, preventing attacks and taking measures so that there are no problems is very simple. If you follow the steps that we have explained, you will be able to keep your system properly protected and that problems do not appear.

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