Why in the future we will only navigate by WiFi, goodbye to the cable

Today we can connect without problems to both wireless networks and via Ethernet cable. The only thing we need is to have compatible equipment, which has both options. However, we can say that in recent years the number of Wi-Fi usage. What will happen in the future? In this article we are going to talk about why the trend is that we only navigate wirelessly.

In a few years we will only surf on Wi-Fi

Wireless networks have improved a lot in recent times. A current Wi-Fi connection has nothing to do with that of a decade ago. We can achieve higher speed, much more stability and also have a wider coverage to connect from further away. But all this is going to get even better in the coming years.

A clear example is the improvement we see in terms of speed. If we compare Wi-Fi 6 with Wi-Fi 5, we already see a more than remarkable change. In addition, there are more and more devices that are compatible with this protocol, they are dual band and allow a speed comparable to browsing through Ethernet cable.

But we must also talk about the security. Although there has always been a real risk of having intruders on wireless networks or that someone can read what we send and receive, this has been improving. Nowadays we can make use of protocols like WPA-3, which encrypts the Wi-Fi key very well, as well as other protocols that make surfing the net in public places safe.

Logically, this that we mentioned will increase in the coming years. We will have more compatible equipment with the latest Wi-Fi and security protocols. In addition, more recent ones will also appear, which offer greater functionality to achieve better speeds and adapt to the future needs that we will have.

More devices

If there is a key factor by which we can say that in the future we will navigate only by Wi-Fi, it is that every time we have more devices connected to the network. We can name many of what is known as the Internet of Things. For example smart bulbs, televisions and many other devices that we have in our homes.

The fact of having more and more connected devices makes us need to connect by Wifi. Most are not compatible with the Ethernet cable option and also the router does not have as many ports available to plug in as many devices. Here wireless networks play an essential role and will be even more so in the coming years.

Another key point that we can take into account is that more and more devices do without Ethernet ports. A clear example is the smallest laptops, which do not directly have an Ethernet network card. We can only connect via Wi-Fi, unless we install an external card that we connect via USB. In the future this will be more normal and we will have more devices that only allow us to connect by this means.

In short, as you can see, the normal thing is that in the future we will only navigate through Wi-Fi and leave Ethernet cables aside. It is something that we are already experiencing, but it will be more present as technology advances and we have more devices and there is also a better Internet speed.

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