Why is it more common than you think that your data is leaked on the Internet

Personal information can be leaked online

We are constantly exposing personal data and information without realizing it on the Internet. Every time we surf, we use a device connected to the network, we register for any service … In any of these cases we could have problems and our privacy could be compromised.

That is why it is interesting to know how our personal data could be quickly leaked online. So we can take measures to prevent this from happening and may affect us in our day to day.

Data we publish

One of the most common reasons why our personal information can be easily exposed on the Internet is through data that we publish, sometimes without realizing it. For example we can mention the messages that we put in open forums or comments on web pages where we are going to read an article.

This, whether we want it or not, can be made available for bots or any user to collect it. Hence, it is essential not to make public personal information that contains data such as our telephone number, email, etc. Even just with the IP address they can know some data.

Leaks in services and applications we use

It could also happen that there is a leak in a program or service that we use. This is relatively common, since on many occasions we use tools that are not patched and may have vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers.

It is essential that we always keep everything up to date and thus avoid problems of this type. This we must apply regardless of what type of system we are using, what device or even online platforms where we can update them and that they are totally secure.

Social media

Social networks are heavily used services In Internet. They serve to be in permanent contact with friends and family, we can make publications and, ultimately, publish content of all kinds. But they are also a major focus for data breaches.

We must be aware at all times that we should not have our social media accounts open to just anyone. At least not those where we are going to put personal data or upload sensitive content. It is important that you do not leak to just anyone and not have problems of this kind. It is important to take care of the information in social networks.

Vulnerable devices

On the other hand, yet another reason why our personal information it can be exposed on the network, they are the devices that we use and that may have security flaws. We speak especially about what is known as the Internet of Things.

A computer connected to the network and that has security problems could expose our personal information. We must always make sure that they are properly protected and not have any problems.

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