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Why you should not put the router near the TV

If you want your Wi-Fi to be perfect, to be able to connect devices and that there are no speed problems, no cuts, or any problem, it is essential that you take care of the router. After all, it is the essential piece to be able to connect to the network. If you make mistakes, that could translate into specific or general failures. One of them is to put the router next to tv.


There are many times that I have seen family or friends have the router next to the television. In some cases they literally have it under a video player or game console and right next to the Smart TV. One reason you should avoid this is so that there is no overheating.

Yeah the router is overheating, if it gets too hot, it can get blocked and malfunction. This can happen in summer, for example. But it also happens if we don’t take care of it. A specific case is when we put it next to the television and this device is going to give off heat and affect the router as well.


Of course, having the television near the router can also cause interference. Maybe you have wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth or have a Wi-Fi adapter. This could affect the router and cause the signal to arrive weaker and cause interference. Keep in mind that Bluetooth, for example, works on a frequency close to 2.4 GHz, just like Wi-Fi.

Although this can also happen with other household appliances, such as the microwave, the television is undoubtedly a clear example. It is a device that can generate interference to the wireless network if you put a router or a Wi-Fi repeater very close. Therefore, the further away you have it, the better the connection will be.

bad location

This is something more general. On many occasions we put the router next to the television for convenience or because it is easier for us to do the installation. But of course, do we really need to have it there and connect near the television or are we going to use the connection from other rooms?

It is important that you choose the right router location and place it in an area where you are going to really take advantage of the Wi-Fi. Normally the ideal is a central area of ​​the house, but it could also happen that you need it to reach a specific room well in particular.

In short, as you can see, putting the router near the television is not a good idea. Our advice is to choose another area, as far away as possible from other electronic devices. This will help prevent interference, overheating, and other issues from negatively affecting the connection. It is important to solve common router failures and one of them is due to a bad location.

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