Why You Should Install Roof Windows On Your Home?

If you have a flat roof or deck, you can open your home to the sky to gain natural light and ventilation.

A roof window doubles the light coming through a vertical window of the same size. In addition, if you install them in a group, you will turn the roof into a skylight, benefiting from passive solar heat gain and the health benefits of natural light and effective ventilation. For both users and professionals who are thinking of suggesting roof windows in a project, in this article we see in which cases it is possible and what advantages they bring to a house.

Where roof windows are installed?

It can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs, and on all types of structures, whether they are made of concrete or wood, tile, slate, sheet metal, etc.

When it comes to new construction, you will be able to design and choose the ideal size and location of the roof windows. If the roof is existing, there are several steps to be taken before undertaking the work. First, check if the city council allows it; second, if it is a block of apartments, consult with the community of neighbors. Then, seek the supervision of a professional to determine the most suitable shape and place to make the opening for structural and climatological reasons.

When is it convenient to install roof windows?

When you want to change the image of a space in terms of amplitude and luminosity. If it is an attic, you may already have a roof window. It is time to give more openness to the outside and to bet on designs that take advantage of more natural light, for example, with two overlapping windows, or with sets that combine slanted window and vertical bottom window. In this way, in addition, better use will be made of that type of low wall common in attics: combined with a roof window, it becomes an unprecedented opening to the outside.

Also, it is convenient to install these natural roof lights, if you want to take advantage of residual spaces. For example, in a loft. If you plan to use these spaces under the roof windows as bedrooms, it is essential that the roof windows have exterior blinds and blackout curtains.

If you have a house between party walls, both the roof window and the flat roof window are essential to bringing natural light and ventilation to areas without access to vertical windows. Choose models with electric opening and remote closing; in addition to the rain sensors of some models, the location of these windows in the highest areas of the roof is feasible and safe.

Another practical application is to locate roof windows over a stairwell. On the one hand, you bring natural light and reduce electricity consumption in an area where light is always needed for safety. On the other hand, you have the possibility of taking advantage of these openings to extract the heat that accumulates in the upper part of the house, making your home cooler.

If you want to expand the usable space of your house, gaining to the outside, you can choose modular roof window systems. The idea would be to install several windows in a group, ensuring their water tightness by means of connecting frames designed so that there are no leaks and rainwater drains quickly.

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