Why you should protect your equipment especially at Christmas

Although you should always keep your devices safeThe truth is that there are certain times of the year when you should increase security. And yes, one of them is Christmas. But here we can mention a couple of different issues. On the one hand, protect the devices themselves. That is, install security programs, update or encrypt them. But, on the other hand, a fact as simple as turning them off. Let’s see why it is interesting.

Protect your equipment on vacation

In vacation times, where there are more movements, more online shopping and also where we spend more time connected, is when hackers will take advantage of it to launch their attacks. It is logical to think that, for example, they send emails posing as an online store, since that is when we make the most purchases.

To avoid this, to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, we must protect devices. It does not matter if we are talking about a computer, a mobile or any device that we have at home. They must be updated at all times, as it is the best way to correct vulnerabilities. But also, whenever possible, we must install a good antivirus that detects malware.

But beyond this that we mentioned, beyond having the devices updated and with good antivirus, without a doubt something that cannot be missing is the common sense. And is that most security attacks are going to require you to make a mistake. For example opening a dangerous email, downloading a file from a page that is not secure, installing a program from unofficial sources …

In short, protecting devices at Christmas means taking even more precautions that we usually take during the rest of the year. Just as attackers are going to enhance methods to steal data or passwords, we must also further improve security.

Why turning off devices helps security

However, improving security at Christmas is not just installing an antivirus or updating equipment. There is one point that many security researchers agree with: turn off devices that we are not going to use. Here we can mention some clear examples.

Let’s think about our router And let’s say we are going to spend the holidays in another city with our family and we will be away for a few weeks. Is it convenient to have the device on all this time if we are not going to use it? Many cybersecurity experts indicate that it is precisely in these periods of time that hackers can take advantage of to launch attacks and break the security of the router. At the end of the day they will have more time available and, furthermore, the victim will not notice anything.

But we must also think about these types of devices in our company or workplace. We are going to be out many days and we don’t know if there could be a cyber attack of some kind. A clear example is ransomware, which takes advantage of vulnerabilities that may appear at any given time and thus be able to encrypt files and systems to demand a ransom in return. Also, you need to improve security when working in the cloud, as many attacks go out there.

In short, protecting devices at Christmas is very important. It is the rest of the year, but you have to promote it at certain times such as holidays. This will help improve security and prevent many attacks that could compromise us.

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