Windows 10 for less than €11, Mother’s Day Sale discounts of 90%!

If you’ve recently bought a new desktop or laptop, and want to buy a really cheap Windows 10 or Windows 11 license, today at cdkeysales we have deep discounts. There are also very cheap Office licenses, to have the best office suite for your Windows system. Next, we detail all the offers that we have today, and that is that you will be able to buy Windows 10 licenses for less than €11, a real bargain.

Offers on Windows and Office licenses

Today at cdkeysales we have a large number of licenses to buy Windows and Office at the best price. All licenses are for life, they do not expire after a certain time of use. In order to access the best price, it is absolutely necessary that you use the discount coupon «RD35» to have a 35% discount compared to the normal price of this license store. Next, you will be able to see all the Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses with the discount applied:

Here are all the discounts on Office licenses:

Discounts on Windows and Office licenses in pack:

Thanks to these offers, we will be able to have Windows 11 Pro licenses for €18 and Windows 10 Pro for €13, quite competitive prices. Now we are going to explain how to buy at cdkeysales.

How to buy from cdkeysales and activate Windows

Buying a license or several in cdkeysales is very simple, you just have to go to any link that you have in the previous list. Once you enter the license that you want, you must click on the “Buy” button.

Once you have clicked on the “Buy«, it will appear in the shopping cart, and when proceeding with the order we have to enter the discount coupon «RD35» to have an additional 35% discount. Next, you can see how to add this promotion code, click on “Request” and we will automatically get the discount applied and the final price.

Once you have purchased the license, it will appear in the general purchase control panel, and you can directly see the Windows and Office license code that you have purchased, it is not necessary to wait until you receive the email, but we will have it directly on our cdkeysales profile.

Once we have the license, we go to our Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system, in the “Settings / Update and security” section you can see a hyperlink that will open the Windows activation wizard. This wizard is where we have to paste the license key, the activation is done over the Internet and we can do it in seconds, therefore, it is a process that will take us a maximum of one minute.

Once we finish the wizard, we can see that our Windows operating system is activated and we can start using it without any limitations. Thanks to these cdkeysales offers, we will be able to activate our Windows quickly and at a really cheap price.

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