Windows 11: what are the new features in the beta version?

The next version of Windows has arrived prematurely on the web. A Windows 11 system image that has leaked on the web lets us know a little more about what Microsoft has in stock for its next OS.

While Microsoft has planned a big conference to talk about the future of Windows on June 24, a leak of the company’s future operating system has spoiled the surprise. On the evening of June 15, a pre-version of Windows 11 actually hit the web.

The next Windows system image is downloadable and installable like any official version, but it comes from an unknown source and is still in beta. We therefore advise you not to switch to this new OS – unless you are a gamer and familiar with these manipulations. A quick exploration of the system still allows you to see what are the improvements that Microsoft has made to its star product.

A big paint job

At first glance, this version of Windows offers above all a visual and ergonomic redesign to better stick to the aesthetic standards of the time and give a more modern aspect to the Microsoft ecosystem. A look that is similar to the late Windows 10X.

The new Windows is more minimalist and stripped down. Gone are the “dynamic tiles”, that old Windows Phone heritage that mixed both application icon and information widget. Here, everything is flatter, more discreet. Microsoft has built its OS around large areas of color and translucent effect in its menus.

The new Windows “Start” menu // Source: Screenshot

This is especially noticeable in the mythical Windows “Start” menu which is now placed in the center of the screen by default, and which opens a list of your pinned applications and your most recently viewed files. Exit the long list of programs installed on the left pane, everything is now in a dedicated menu.

Few technical innovations

Microsoft has therefore given its OS a big blow, even if traces of previous systems still persist. The task manager and the control panel, for example, still use old icons and old aesthetic paradigms that have not yet been brought up to date. Maybe the company will correct it before the final version, but it’s been a long time since these “historical” applications had the right to an aesthetic revision.

In terms of practical novelties on the other hand, this pre-version of Windows 11 does not show much. Just can we note the presence of a side panel which houses widgets intended to provide you with information on the weather, news, etc. at a glance. A slightly more advanced feature for docking windows to an edge of the screen is also emerging. But for the moment, no revolution of use is to be declared.

But the version of Windows 11 that leaked is still in beta, new things should arrive by the time of release, especially on the integration of Office 365 and Xbox within Windows. A redesign of the Windows Store is also expected. We will have to wait until June 24 to find out more.

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