Winds of War: Asmodee announces a new expansion for Journeys to Middle-earth

Asmodee announced the arrival of Winds of War, a new expansion for the board game The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth.

What is the content of this pack coming in the coming months? Let’s find out together.

Winds of War: An expansion for Journeys to Middle-earth is coming

Journeys in Middle-earth is one of the most successful board games inspired by the works of Tolkien. After its release in May 2019, the title created by Nathan I. Hajek is Grace Holdinghaus has seen the arrival of 3 expansions: Enemies of Eriador, Paths in the Shadow and Creatures of Darkness. Winds of War is therefore the fourth, and adds more heroes, cards, enemies and content to the already rich board game.

With Winds of War we will be able to add new heroes, original and otherwise, to our adventures. Among those we already know are Dwalin, Boromir and Beorn, who will be able to change his form into the mighty one of the Great Bear.

But along with the new heroes come new enemies! In Winds of War we will naturally find each accompanied by the well-made miniatures we know, the Soldier, the Corrupted Beast and even a majestic War Olifant! Time for Legolas to dust off his skateboard shield?

The new expansion of Travels in Middle-earth, Winds of War, will arrive this October, at the same time on both the English-speaking and Italian markets, as this series has now accustomed us. Of course, with Asmodee.

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