Modena Play 2021: the news among board games

We know we’re not the only fans of table games that count the days waiting for the start of Modena Play 2021: what will be the Announcements among the board games that we will see at Play: Festival of the Game 2021?

Let’s go and see some new titles that we will see on the tables of the various publishing houses almost two and a half years after the last edition.

What are the news among board games at Modena Play 2021?

The list of exhibitors who will take part in Modena Play 2021 it is really long, for an edition that is guided by the keyword “Revenge”. On the official page of the fair you will find all the publishers who will present their products on the next 3, 4 and 5 September.

But let’s see, publisher by publisher, what will be the titles that we will see for the first time (or almost) in just a few weeks.


  • Project L – Polyomino pattern making game; 1-4 players, 30 minutes
  • Bloodborne: The board game – videogame inspired dungeon crawler; 1-4 players, 69/90 minutes per game
  • Pandemic – Red Zone: Europe – the new iteration of the Pandemic series, set in the Old Continent; 2-4 players; about 30 minutes per game
  • Tales of Evil – Co-operative title with a horror setting for 1 to 6 players; about an hour per game
  • I know Clover! – collaborative word-based party game; 3 to 6 players in 30-minute games
  • Descent: Legends of Darkness – dungeon crawler, third edition of Kevin Wilson’s classic title; 1-4 players, 90 minutes (coming soon, not sure if it’s available during Play days)
  • The new expansions of Marvel United: The Rise of Black Panter; The Spiderverse; Legends of Asgard; Guardians of the Galaxy Remix

Skull Creations

  • Golem – engine building by the creators of Grand Austria Hotel; from 1 to 4 players, lasting between 90 and 120 minutes
  • Eriantys – abstract strategy game; for 2 to 4 players, games of about 30 minutes each

dV Games

  • Unfold – Dark Story – cooperative game in which to escape from a police station; from 2 to 6 players, about an hour in duration
  • Paper Dungeons – dungeon crawler roll & write, from 1 to 8 players for 30 minutes of gameplay
  • Witchstones – strategic title of card placement; from 2 to 4 players, duration between 60 and 90 minutes
  • WonderBook – narrative cooperative, the first board game with interactive pop-ups! 1 to 4 players in games of about an hour


  • Ensemble – a collaborative title of association between images; party game for 2 to 10 players; between a quarter of an hour and a half hour per game
  • Draftosaurus: the Marina and Aerial Show expansions of the very nice placement filler; from 2 to 5 players; 15 minutes per game

Little Rocket Games

  • Cascadia – abstract for 1 to 4 players set in a wild and full of life nature; 30/45 minutes per game


  • Khora: The Rise of an Empire – strategic management set in ancient Greece; for 2 to 4 players, about 75 minutes
  • Last Message – image based deductive party game; duration of about 15 minutes for games of 3 to 8 players
  • Little Factory – from the same creator of Little Town, a tight, short and nasty strategic placement game! from 1 to 5 players, about 25 minutes
  • Schotten Totten 2 – sequel to one of the most famous titles of the great Reiner Knizia; asymmetric by 2 players, about 15 minutes in duration
  • Detective Charlie – what if Sherlock Holmes’ cat was as good as Sherlock Holmes? Deductive with 6 different cases of increasing difficulty for 2 players, 20 minutes per investigation
  • Magic Market – even the customers of the fairytale market must be satisfied! Game for 2 to 4 players aged 6 and up; start 30 minutes
  • Team Story – a narrative game in which to reconstruct the story heard with images; 2 to 7 players in about 20 minutes per game
  • Unmatched: Cobble & Fog And Little Red Riding Hood VS Beowulf – new characters for the unlikely but hilarious Unmatched fights; trial-only expansions, arriving in stores mid-October

Ms Editions

  • The Paper House: Save Rio – Escape Game – the second escape game inspired by the Netflix series, in which in addition to cleaning up a bank we will have to save our partner; 60/120 minutes, from 2 to 8 players

SmartGames – Mancalamaro line of games dedicated to children

  • The 3 Little Pigs
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Diamond Quest
  • Pirates Crossfire
  • Apple Twist
  • Cubio
  • IQ Circuits
  • IQ Digits

Supernova Studio

  • Shifting Stones – Abstract title for placing (and sliding) tiles from 1 to 5 players, lasting about 20 minutes
  • The King is Dead: Second Edition – The King is dead, who will pick up the power vacuum? Area control and faction influence, from 2 to 4 players in games from half an hour to three quarters of an hour
  • Thingavellir, expansion of Nidavellir, the card game in which to collect sets of dwarves; from 2 to 5 players, about 40 minutes in duration

What are the ways to access Modena Play 2021?

Play will take place in compliance with all the rules for combating Covid-19, including the obligation to present the Green Pass for all those who will take part in the event, in compliance with current regulations.

On the site there are all the information to book the places available to participate in the 2021 playful kermesse, and thus be able to take a look at all the news among the board games that will be presented at Play, the Modena Game Festival 2021! See you there!

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