With this simple command in Windows, you can see if your Internet connection is good

if you have one bad internet connection, that can translate into problems playing Streaming videos, downloading files, using the cloud or simply browsing. You can see that even the devices are disconnected from the network and you have to reconnect them continuously. It is key to analyze what is the reason to solve it.

Command to analyze the connection

Windows offers the ability to use commands to perform various system scans and checks. we can also see how is the internet connection, if there are any errors, through a command. It is simple and you only have to carry out a few steps that we are going to mention for it.

Its about ping command. What it does is send packets to a specific IP address and analyzes how long it takes to transmit that data and receive a response. It is quite interesting, since based on the time you can determine if the connection is working well or there is some kind of problem and take action.

To use it, you have to go to Start, enter Terminal and, once inside, you simply have to type ping and followed by the IP address or website you want to ping. For example, you can use: ping It will start sending packages and, when finished, it will show you the results obtained.

Windows command to analyze the connection

You can see the time, measured in milliseconds, which take the responses of the packets. You will also see a summary, with the minimum, maximum and average time. In addition, the number of packets sent, received and lost is displayed. Logically, the ideal is to put 0 lost packets. If there are losses, there is something wrong with the connection.

You can do this same test with any other web page, such as RedesZone, as well as an IP address, such as the router’s own. You can do all the tests you want and determine if the connection works well or, on the contrary, there is something wrong.

Improve your connection

Keep in mind that you will be able to improve or optimize the connection in different ways. Something fundamental is that the coverage arrives well, if you connect wirelessly. You can always install wireless repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices. In all these cases, you will be able to take the connection to other places in the house.

But sometimes, just some changes You can improve the connection a lot. For example, it is important that you locate the router well. Always put it in a central area of ​​the house, avoid having it next to devices that generate interference or large walls and walls that block the signal.

Optimize the connection it is also to have everything updated. By this we mean having the latest version of the firmware installed, as well as updating the network card you have on the computer. It will help you avoid problems and make the connection work as well as possible, without compromising security and quality.

In short, as you can see, you can use the Ping command to analyze the connection in Windows. It is simple and you will quickly see if it loses packages or if there is a problem. You can always perform a speed test, but this tool can serve as a complement to detect problems.

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