With this simple gesture, you can save up to 25% on heating

An important part of what we consume in light or gas per month is due to the heating. In the winter months, such as this week in which the thermometers have collapsed in a large part of Spain, it is necessary to set it longer. Now, you can always save and pay less on the bill. In this article we tell you how a small gesture can even save 25% of the total invoice.

Turn off the heating when possible

The usual thing is to turn on the heating and turn it off once we leave home or at night when sleeping. But there is something you can do to save a lot if you add up day after day: turn off an hour before (or more, if you can) to go to sleep or leave the house. In this way you can take advantage of the thermal inertia and pay less on the bill.

But what is this thermal inertia? When you turn off the heating, the house does not automatically cool down. What happens is that it stays warm at least for a while or a couple of hours. Therefore, if, for example, you are at home and you have the heating on but you anticipate that you are going to leave in a couple of hours to go to work or anywhere and you are going to spend several hours outside, do not wait until the last minute to turn it off; turn it off an hour before or even more.

You will see that the house temperature it does not plummet, you will be fine and you will not be consuming. You can take this into account day after day, every time you go to sleep or leave the house for a long time. A small gesture such as turning it off beforehand can help you save up to 25% in some cases, especially if you combine it with what we are going to explain below.

Heating consumption per degree

Regulating the temperature when sleeping helps save

When we go to sleep, the ideal would be not to have to turn on the heating as long as we have a good thermal insulation and we do not live in a very cold area. But in case you keep it on, keep in mind that you don’t need it to be at the same temperature as during the day.

really the heating at night it can be at 16-17 degrees perfectly. You just need to maintain that temperature and not drop it, in case it gets really cold. Do not leave it at 20-21 degrees that you may have it during the day. That will save you quite a bit of money.

It is estimated that you can save approximately 7% for each degree that you lower the heating. If you can lower it those 3-5 degrees compared to the day, you can spend much less each night. If you do that every day, at the end of the month you can save an interesting amount. This, together with turning off or regulating the temperature every time you leave the house, will be of great help. You can always automate turning it on or off, although sometimes you’ll have to use a good Wi-Fi channel to avoid interference.

Therefore, as you can see, you can save on the electricity or gas bill simply by making a small gesture with the heating every day. The goal is to pay less and not consume more resources than you really need.

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