World of Tanks, the successful free game will be released on Steam

Wargaming, following the example of other companies such as Epic Games, has been showing for some time that free video games can provide huge amounts of benefits. In this case it is demonstrated by World of Tanks, a title that since its launch ten years ago has obtained an overwhelming success.

In fact, it came out on the Sony consoles and Microsoft -including the new generation- so that not only PC gamers could enjoy it. Speaking of these types of gamers, there had always been a general complaint.

We refer to the urgent need to use an exclusive launcher for the execution of World of Tanks, which is not to the liking of those users who prefer to have everything unified on the same platform .

They are all in luck. And it is that the developer company has just made an announcement that had been expected for years. Finally his highly successful free-to-play will be released on Steam , with all the positives that this arrival entails.

Launch at the end 2021

The battles between tanks will not be able to take place through the Steam platform until the end of the year 2021. Wargaming has not clarified the exact date , but surely we will have to wait until the last quarter.

It is surprising considering that you do not have to make any demanding changes, beyond avoiding going through your own launcher and integrating the system on the Valve platform . Everything indicates that the delay is given by agreements with said company.

And it is that Steam also brings together in its catalog numerous free games, including some very similar to World of Tanks such as the well-known War Thunder .

Even so, WoT promises to establish itself as the main alternative for players who want to experience war from within . But in the gaming industry we are increasingly used to controversy. Therefore, how could it be otherwise, the arrival of World of Tanks on Steam has caused unrest among the community.

Need to create a new account

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, WoT has been around for many years. Thus, certain players have accumulated experience, rank and other in-game advantages that they do not want to lose under any circumstances, which is understandable.

Unfortunately for them, the launcher accounts Wargaming’s own and Steam’s will not be compatible with each other. That is, it will be required to create an account from scratch to engage in the war clashes so well recreated by this free-to-play.

Max Chuvalov, who is always in charge of communicating news, has indicated that his video game was not designed with the initial objective of being present on various computer platforms. Even so, the ‘excuse’ does not satisfy veterans who wanted to be able to keep all their progress .

This controversy is added to others that pursue to World of Tanks since time immemorial, exemplifying its micro-payment policy that has made the war title a pay-to-win. Even so, its arrival on Steam is expected to be very successful, registering thousands of downloads in the first 24 hours.

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