Xiaomi patents a remote charging system without cables or bases

The company of Chinese origin has just presented a new technology that aims to change the concept that we had until now of wireless charging . Specifically, Xiaomi has patented a new charging battery composed of dozens of antennas capable of charging a phone from a distance , in such a way that it does not require any type of Support base to find contact with the device. All this with the aim of turning our rooms into “totally wireless places”, in the words of the company itself.

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What until now seemed impossible, Xiaomi has just achieved it through a charging system with integrated interference antennas in five phases. This system would be composed of two components. On the one hand, the control matrix would have no less than 144 antennas capable of transmitting electromagnetic waves directly to the telephone through technology beamforming . On the phone side we would find a matrix composed of 14 miniaturized antennas with beacon design.

As confirmed by the firm based in Haidian, Beijing, the device’s antennas would be capable of transform millimeter wave signals to electrical energy through a rectifier circuit. In fact, the first phase of the product has been capable of delivering a load remotely at a power of 5 W , a figure that although it is far from the charge achieved by other systems, it is used to charge most devices in an average of 2 hours and a half, depending on the physical capacity of the battery.

The system in question is capable of charging several devices at the same time without sacrifice the power delivered. Xiaomi has even stated that the delivery of energy is not affected by obstacles, while a clear surface is not required. In terms of security, the company has not released much data in this regard, so it will be necessary to see if it can be as safe as other charging systems , on all in regards to energy transmission and overheating of batteries and charging matrices. In any case, everything indicates that it is an advance that will reach the consumer market in the coming years, since Xiaomi has not specified any date.

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