1Password vs Bitwarden, discover which password manager is better

This password manager is cross-platform and we can use it on Windows, macOS and Linux, Android and iOS. Security-wise, it supports 2FA authentication and offers 256-bit AES encryption on individual, family, team, and business plans.

Other interesting features:

  • Only we have access to the data.
  • Notifies us about security breaches.
  • It protects our data against keyloggers that prevent other tools from knowing what we write.
  • Regularly delete data from the clipboard.
  • It only works in verified browsers.

You may be interested in knowing if password managers are safe.

Find out what Bitwarden brings us

Bitwarden’s password manager will allow us to take control of our online password security and manage private data securely. We can do this from any location or device.

We have it available for free for individual accounts although we have payment plans for companies. As in the previous case, it is cross-platform and is compatible with most desktop and mobile operating systems. It should also be added that it has extensions for the main browsers.

As for security, we can lock our passwords and private information with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption and 2FA authentication. Other features of Bitwarden are:

  • It has a strong password generator
  • Provides reports on the health of our vault.

On the other hand, another cross-platform password manager would be Passwarden.

1Password or Bitwarden, which one to choose

When making the comparison between 1Password vs Bitwarden we will see how they have many common elements. Regardless of the platform we choose, we will be able to synchronize passwords on all our devices, generate passwords for our accounts and more. An important fact in favor of 1Password is that it supports password recovery for up to 365 days. This can certainly prevent the loss of important information.

Another thing they have in common is that they both use a master password to protect our account. In that aspect, one thing to keep in mind is that we can recover our account by accessing a device that can log in automatically. However, that does not mean that we can lose access if we forget our master password. In addition, another thing in which both tie is that they allow you to enter other data such as credit cards, notes and contacts, which can also be shared safely.

Regarding the performance of 1Password vs Bitwarden, it will be very even. The reason is that both password managers are cross-platform and practically offer us the same options. However, there is one area where 1Password has a bit of an edge, as it has a more modern interface.

As for support Bitwarden like 1Password, they have active community forums where we can get an answer to our queries. So 1Password allows you to communicate with the team directly via email or Twitter and email support is available 24/7. Instead, Bitwarden also states that premium users get priority support, but does not clarify the difference between regular and priority. One positive thing is that free users can send an email to the support team. Here we could say that the one that gives the best support is 1Password, but we must also bear in mind that it is only paid.

Prices and conclusions

Both Bitwarden and 1Password offer separate plans for both individuals and businesses. The great advantage of Bitwarden is that it provides free access to private users. Also, for less than €10 a year we can get priority support and 1GB of storage. On the other hand, with 1Password we would have to pay around €2 per month.

The 1Password vs Bitwarden comparison has helped us learn about two of the best password managers we have available. As for picking a clear winner, it’s tricky when both password managers have so many features. However, Bitwarden’s free plan is going to be hard to beat, especially for non-professional users. It should also be noted that Bitwarden is an open source platform and this makes it cheaper.

Lastly, we shouldn’t rule out 1Password as it looks a bit more elegant thanks to its more modern interface and is also packed with tons of features. So the ideal is going to be to review those functions before choosing one and see which ones we use the most when choosing one of the two.

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