3 Enterprise Solutions for Leadership to Consider for 2023

It’s no secret that the past few years have been tough for businesses across many industries. Supply chain disruptions have made it tough to stock shelves and keep production lines open. Labor shortages have meant that businesses have had to get creative to attract talent, while also adjusting operating hours or relying on existing team members to serve multiple roles. Throw in rising inflation and ongoing COVID-19 complications, and businesses have been forced to constantly innovate to keep up with the changes. And this trend is likely to continue into 2023.

Businesses looking to stay ahead of constant changes need to make smart choices with their investments. Keep reading to learn three enterprise solutions that leadership should consider for 2023.

1. Marketing Platforms

Just a few decades ago, businesses’ options for interacting with customers were limited. Once the customer left their storefront, advertisements on billboards and television or in magazines,  direct mailings, or phone calls, were a business’s only options. As a result, it took longer to build customer relationships.

Today, the internet makes it easier than ever before to build and foster client relationships. But investing in the right tools makes all the difference. Marketing platforms are tools that help businesses connect with customers and create communities. These communities offer an opportunity to build relationships with new and existing customers, to expose customers to new products, and to better target them with customized messages. As customers tighten their belts in the face of inflation, they’ll only become more discerning about their purchases. Having a strong relationship with customers is key to landing sales in 2023.

2. Revamped Digital Security Tools

The challenges of COVID-19, inflation, and labor shortages aren’t the only threats that businesses are up against in the coming year. Cyber attacks are also on the rise. Research discussed on Forbes suggests that as of mid-year 2022, cybercriminals are capable of penetrating more than 90 percent of company networks in the U.S. Even security experts at businesses say that they are unprepared for the threat of future attacks.

One of the most important enterprise solutions that leadership should be considering in 2023 is enhanced digital security tools. Your company’s certificate management is one area that may be ripe for improvement. A revamped certificate management platform can help your business stay ahead with your private and public digital certificates to protect your customers and your business in 2023.

3. Prioritize New Experiences for Your Customers

When it comes to choosing investments that can help your business grow in 2023, it’s important to prioritize those investments that have the biggest potential for a return. What will customers want in the new year? Research suggests that personalized digital experiences are high on the list. In fact, in a Yieldify study about the impact of personalization in eCommerce, 75 percent of customers reported that they prefer to buy from companies that prioritize offering unique customized digital experiences. This may look different for every company. It could mean targeted advertisements, customizable products, or services that take into account challenges that your customers are up against.

Investing in the Right Enterprise Solutions for Leaders in 2023

Staying ahead of constant changes and challenges means investing in the right enterprise solutions in 2023. From marketing platforms to revamped digital security tools, these solutions can help your business get ahead, protect your customers, and expand your market, no matter what the new year throws your way.

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