390 inches with this projector reduced 200 euros

Normally we tend to buy a television, the bigger the better, for our living room at home. But we must know that a Smart TV is not the only option we have to enjoy our favorite movies and series. A projector can take the image to a higher level, as is the case with this one that we will talk about below.

Especially suitable for movie lovers or simply for those who want to see a particularly large image, these devices are perfect. We are talking about a projector that we can install in the living room or in an office to enjoy a spectacular screen size. At this point, perhaps some of you think that these types of products are especially expensive and not affordable for everyone.

As is the case in most sectors of the hardware of this type, we have at our disposal products of a wide variety of prices. In fact, in some cases we are able to purchase quality products in the form of projectors for less than what a Smart TV, as is the case at hand. Specifically, we are going to talk about a device with these characteristics from the prestigious brand Epson. This is a firm that you may know more for its printers, but that has been manufacturing its own printers for many years. projectors.

This means that we are going to find high-quality products, as is the case with the model that we are going to show you in these lines. Specifically, we are referring to the Epson CO-FH02 projector.

Watching movies and series will not be the same with this projector

The first thing you should know is that with this type of product we achieve a much larger screen size than what a Smart TV can offer us. To give you an idea, in this case we can obtain a screen size of up to 391 inches. At the same time it is important to know that the product is based on a internal 3 LCD technology which provides us with surprising image sharpness.

epson projector

It is also important to know that we are facing a imaging device that offers us a resolution Full HD. At the same time, it has a lamp that offers us a light power of 3000 lumens. You have to know that this particular element is one of the most important in this type of product. That is why in this particular case we must know the fact that it has an estimated duration of 12000 hours of life. At the same time we will have an HDMI connection, remote control and its own integrated speaker, although we can always connect a more advanced and powerful sound system here.

Once we know all this information, say that we can acquire this Epson projector for 549 euro. This represents a saving of 200 euros compared to its usual price thanks to the offer that the giant Amazon is currently offering us.

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