4 common problems that affect the router and easy to solve

The router is a key piece to be able to connect to the Internet in our homes. If they have any failure, it can mean that the speed of the connection drops drastically, that we have worse coverage or that we cannot even connect other devices. That will cause us to take action as soon as possible to try to solve the error. In this article we are going to talk about 4 common problems that affect the router and cause malfunction.

Common router failures

These problems can affect the router and our connection. They will prevent other devices from connecting to the network normally and that we can obtain a good speed. Detecting what the problem is also serves to solve it.

poor coverage

Undoubtedly one of the 4 common problems that affect the router is that it has poor coverage. That will mean that the signal does not arrive well to other places in the house. We will not be able to connect wirelessly from other devices and we will have difficulties to navigate with a good speed.

What can we do to fix it? A very common option is to install a Wi-Fi repeater. We can also use a Mesh system or PLC devices. In all these cases we can take the connection from one place to another in the house. We will be able to connect with more guarantees of having good coverage.


Although it is true that current routers have a higher capacity, the saturation problem may be present. This happens when we connect many devices to the network and it starts to go wrong. We may notice it by having a significant speed loss, but we could also see that it does not work normally when establishing the connection.

Here what we must control is the number of devices that we connect. However, if you really need to have many connected to the network, you can choose to buy a router with greater capacity and thus avoid problems.


There are different reasons why the router gets hot. One of them is misplace the device. For example, if you put it near other devices that give off heat, such as a television, it could cause the temperature to rise and cause problems. It is something that you must control at all times.

Therefore, the location of the device is going to be key. Avoid putting it in a place where ventilation is not good, avoid it close to other devices or close to a window where it gets sunlight. All this will have a negative effect and you may have problems with the quality of the connection.

Security issues

Of course, another common problem with the router is related to the security. We can have intruders in our networks if we do not protect them properly. That is going to cause the speed to decrease, that we lose control of the connection and even that we cannot connect devices to the Wi-Fi.

To prevent this from happening, the main thing is to have the router well protected. You must update the firmware and make sure that there is no vulnerability. It is also essential to protect the wireless network. Use a password that is strong, difficult to guess, and also has adequate encryption. Avoid outdated encryption such as WEP or WPA.

In short, as you can see these are the 4 main problems with the router. You have seen that you can always take measures to make the connection work as well as possible and thus achieve a good Internet speed.

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