Change router or buy a repeater to improve Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is increasingly used

We can say that we have Wi-Fi networks practically anywhere. We simply have to go to a shopping center, train station or any public space such as a library and we will find the possibility of browsing from our computers.

Logically, not all the networks that are available will have the same capacity. It is really common to find ourselves with stability problems, have a loss of speed, cuts or even the impossibility of being able to connect.

This can generally be solved in a simple way. It may be a problem with the router, that does not have an optimal performance, and therefore when buying a new device we can solve it. We also have the option of add Wi-Fi repeaters in our home.

The fact that we have more and more connected equipment makes it essential to have a good connection. We especially talk about what is known as the Internet of Things. They are basically all those devices that have access to the Internet in our homes, such as a television, smart light bulbs, etc.

Choose another router or put a Wi-Fi repeater

Now, it must be borne in mind that although the two options are very interesting for improve Wi-Fi, not always going to do either of the two. We must know what is our own circumstance, what is the real objective that we have and, of course, to what extent we have problems with the wireless network.

We are going to see some positive points when buying another router and also choosing to install one or more Wi-Fi repeaters in our home. Each of these options can help us improve the wireless network and get us to browse faster and, most importantly, without any problems.

Why is it better to change the router

When we have problems with the speed or stability of the Internet, the first thing we think about is the router. It is undoubtedly the main device that serves to connect multiple devices. That is why it is essential to have a powerful team, which does not have any type of problems.

Normally we have the router that the operator offers us when hiring the Internet. On paper this will be enough to surf the Internet in most cases, but the device can become obsolete and could have limitations especially in terms of coverage.

By buying a new router we will be able to improve many factors and avoid any problems that may be present in an older model. As with any appliance, it is sometimes important to renew it. The positive points if we change the router are the following:

  • Improve potency in a certain area: one of the positive points of changing the router is to improve the power, quality and speed it offers to the devices. This also includes having more coverage to be able to navigate from more distant places. However, it must be taken into account that it has limitations, no matter how good power we have.
  • Get to have one new technology faster: we are also going to have a faster, more current technology. We take Wi-Fi 6 as an example, something that is not always available on older devices.
  • Improve security, which in turn helps stability: by buying a new router we will also significantly improve security. We can improve the type of encryption and have WPA-3, more adapter to prevent cyber attacks. This, in turn, can help improve performance and stability by preventing intruders.
  • Have a device with more functions: logically we are also going to have a router with more functions. We will be able to configure some parameters such as power, dual band, etc. If we have an old router, it may be less flexible here.

Why should we install wireless repeaters

But beyond changing the router we will also be able to install wireless repeaters. Here we can include different types, such as a simple amplifier, a more complex Wi-Fi Mesh system, PLC devices… In all cases the objective will be to take the connection to other parts of the home. Of course, not all are the same.

  • We can cover a larger area: Without a doubt the main reason for opting for Wi-Fi repeaters is to be able to cover a larger area. If, for example, we opt for a Mesh system we can even cover several hundred square meters.
  • Have very varied and inexpensive options: If we simply buy a Wi-Fi repeater, the normal thing is that it is much cheaper than a router. But we are also going to have a wide range of options that adapts to what we really need. Someone who only wants to take the connection to another room is not the same as another user who needs to have coverage in a much larger space.
  • We can connect also by cable: We are going to have the router in one place and from there we can connect by cable or Wi-Fi. However, if we opt for PLC devices, we can take advantage of the power line and be able to connect a cable television from another room without the need for a complex installation.

Wi-Fi Mesh Systems Problems

Conclusion to improve Wi-Fi at home

At this point: is it better to buy a new router or use Wi-Fi repeaters? In both cases we will be able improve signal quality. It is evident that if we buy a new router we will have more power. Of course, this power is going to be limited. We are not going to have a very, very large area.

On the other hand, we will not have this problem (or at least not at the same level) if we choose wireless repeaters. Here we will have more flexibility, more options available. This will be more tailored to the circumstances of each user.

Therefore, our main advice is to think carefully about what is our problem and what do we want to improve. If we simply plug in close to the router and want more power, fewer outages, and adequate stability, it may be best to just buy a new one.

On the other hand, if what we are looking for is to cover our home with a better wireless coverage, without a doubt, Wi-Fi repeaters are the solution. We will have to choose between amplifiers, PLC or Mesh systems as the case may be, but they will always improve the fact of simply having a router.

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