5 Game Titles All PC Gamers Must Play

The world of computer gaming is beautiful because it’s more accessible and versatile than console platforms. However, some people have preconceptions about PC gaming and the need to learn keyboard controls. Fortunately, this isn’t true because you can plug any console controller into your PC and use it in the same way. Now you know how easy PC gaming is, let’s dive into our selection of must-play games.


If you’re looking for a relatively new game, look no further than the oceanic darkness of Slit, which hit stores in June 2022. The game offers an intense solo experience that’s a perfect fit for platformer fans, which means there are plenty of puzzles to solve. Outside of oceanic explorations, the element that drew us into this game was the contrasting white and black visuals, which create a moody atmosphere and a terrifying backdrop for the monsters of the deep.


If post-apocalyptic worlds and high levels of violence sound like you, then Ghostrunner will tick all of your boxes. If you’re familiar with Mirror’s Edge and Doom Eternal, you will feel right at home playing this entry. You need to make your way up the Dharma Tower on an all-platforming, all-slicing-dicing mission to take down the tyrannical ruler.

Elden Ring

If you got drawn into the world of Dark Souls and Bloodborne back in the day, you’ll love FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece, Elden Ring. This title blends the punishment-style gameplay of the Souls franchise and blends it with the incredible storytelling of Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin, and the outcome is an incredible game that deserves to be played on a quality device like the Lenovo Gaming Chromebook.

Dying Light 2

The zombie phase that saw The Last of Us and Days Gone rise to commercial success is all but over, but that hasn’t stopped Dying Light 2 from keeping things fresh. The second entry in the franchise brings more parkour zombie action to an even larger map and decision-based gameplay that will impact the outcome of the game. If you want to play with your friends, you can tackle the expansive world with up to 4 players.

God of War

The God of War franchise has been pleasing fans since 2005, but 2018’s entry to the series gave it a breath of fresh air. This game brings Kratos back for another outing, but he’s not trawling through Greece alone this time. Instead, Kratos and his son must battle their way to the peak of the nine realms and scatter Artreus’ mother’s ashes. Along the way, you need to battle your way through a plethora of Norse mythology-inspired gods and creatures, which should keep you entertained for some time.

Computer gamers benefit from access to cross-platform releases, as well as PC exclusives, which helps give it an edge over console gaming. The titles above barely scratch the surface when it comes to essential games, but they provide enough excitement to keep any gamer satisfied.

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