Rivers of dislike for the video of the Additional Online Package, the most hated of Nintendo

Judging by the revelation trailer released on the net by Nintendo last October, it appears that the Online Additional Package for Switch is not particularly popular with console users.

The international video, which revealed the possibility of expanding its subscription to Nintendo’s online services, has indeed received thousands of dislike, making it the most hated video by users on the Nintendo channel.

The video reveal of the Online Add-on Pack becomes Nintendo’s most hated video

To give you an idea, at the time of writing, the video has collected in about 15 days a total of 116,000 dislike (against just 17,500 likes), surpassing the previous most hated video of the Nintendo channel: the trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

The Nintendo Online Add-on Pack, for € 39.99 more per year (which is double what the Nintendo Switch Online basic plan costs), will allow users to access an Animal Crossing expansion (which may still be purchased separately) and 23 N64 and Sega Genesis games. So yeah, that’s actually not a lot.

If we add to all this the fact that there are numerous users who complain about the quality of the emulation of old games on Switch, where there is often a lack of correct remapping of the controls and numerous bugs and visual and game glitches persist, well, things it was clear that they would not be good for the new service.

Here is Nintendo’s most hated video:


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