5 measures that cannot be missing in Windows for security

Security tips for Windows

We can say that hackers usually attack what has more users. Logically, this is the case of Windows, since it is the operating system that we use the most on desktop systems. Therefore, be prepared to avoid threats It will be something essential.

Have a good antivirus

Something essential is to always have security programs. A good antivirus, such as Microsoft Defender itself, is a good idea to avoid many problems that compromise the functioning of the system. There are many options, both free and paid, but you should always inform yourself beforehand.

An antivirus can detect a possible malicious file that we download from the Internet. It could launch a warning so that we delete it as soon as possible and thus prevent it from stealing information or causing a malfunction.

always up to date

Another point to keep in mind is that Windows must always be updated. It is essential to correct any vulnerabilities that may exist. Sometimes bugs appear that are exploited by hackers. If you have the latest versions, you will be able to fix those bugs.

To update Windows you have to go to Start, enter Settings and go to Windows Update. There it will show you possible pending updates that there may be. You just have to add them and make sure that there is no file that has been left hanging, without ending the process.

Use only official programs

Of course, an important tip is to use only official apps. Cybercriminals can use unofficial software to sneak viruses onto computers. It is one of the strategies that they use the most and they can upload them to web pages, share them on social networks and other platforms.

You should always go to official pages to download programs. You can also use stores like the Microsoft Store, where apps are reviewed so you can have less risk of installing software that could be fraud.

have backups

This is a good idea to avoid many problems. A clear example is the ransomware. What this type of malware does is encrypt files and prevent you from being able to access them normally. By creating backups, you can safely store those files and restore them in the event of an attack.

Therefore, we also recommend creating backups on Windows. You can use many tools or even create cloud backups. The latter will allow you to always have the files available from anywhere.

well configured

System configuration is also important. You must properly configure Windows antivirus or any other security program you use. Also set up backups, in case you program them automatically, so you don’t lose files. Even many programs that you use in your day to day may have some options to configure security.

Avoid making mistakes with the configuration and you will also improve security. Keep this in mind on the system itself, but also on any other apps you use.

In short, as you can see, these 5 points can help you improve the security of Windows. You can avoid very varied attacks, malware entry and the risk that they can affect your privacy without you realizing it.

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