5 methods with which they can steal your Gmail

Strategies to steal Gmail

Keep in mind that cybercriminals do not rely solely on one type of attack, but can use more than one strategy. We can prevent all of them if we do not make mistakes. Attackers will always need us to do something to be able to steal an account, whether it’s mail or any other service.

Phishing attack

A classic to steal an account on the Internet is to use a Phishing attack. Basically, the attacker is going to send an email with a fake link which takes us to a web page that pretends to be official. For example, in this case, to steal Gmail, it could send any link with something that we have to do, such as changing some data, verifying that we are the legitimate user, etc. By clicking, we will go to a page that will look like Gmail and will ask for the password. But of course, it’s actually fake.

To avoid this type of attack, it is essential to maintain common sense and not make mistakes. You should always log in by going directly to the official page or using legitimate applications. Never access through links you receive, as they may be a scam and face a Phishing attack.

plain divination

Another method is simply by guessing. We can also mention the brute force, which consists of trying many combinations of passwords until the correct one is found. Hackers can use the most common ones and try if one of those is yours. Also combinations with your name, date of birth, etc.

What to do to avoid this? The answer is simple: create strong and secure passwords. Always use completely random keys, avoid putting things like your name or date of birth, which have a good length and in this way you will be protected against the problem of the key being stolen.

Use of fake programs

They can also use fake apps to steal passwords. In this case, what the victim would do is download a supposed Gmail application to access the mail. The problem is that, once again, when you enter the password, you are actually handing it over to the attacker. They use software of this type to scam.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to always download the programs from official and legitimate sources. You can go to the Gmail website and download the program there or use official stores such as Google Play. This guarantees you that this software has been reviewed.


Malware is always an option for hackers to attack. In the case of stealing the Gmail account, what they usually use is a keylogger. It is a type of malicious software that gets installed on the system and starts recording keystrokes. That means they can log passwords and usernames.

To be protected it is essential to have a good antivirus. A security program like Microsoft Defender will help detect these types of threats and remove them before they can actually steal your password. Always install reliable applications that work properly. Creating a keylogger is not complicated and they can do it in these cases.

Through another service

But they can also use other services to steal passwords. This happens if you use the same key in more than one place. For example, if you use it in an internet forum or on some social network and there is a data leak, they could test and see if it is valid for your Gmail account.

You just have to avoid using the same password in more than one place. Use a single one for Gmail, Facebook and any other platform. In this way you will avoid what is known as the domino effect and in the event of an attack, you will not put all your passwords at risk.

In short, as you can see, hackers can use different methods to scam and steal the Gmail account. It is important to be prepared and always keep your email protected.

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