5 Mistakes That Will Get Your Netflix Account Hacked

Flaws that affect the security of Netflix

We can say that hackers usually aim to steal accounts from popular platforms and without a doubt Netflix is ​​one of them. They can sell the account in the Dark Web and profit. Although you can always see intruders in Streaming accounts, the really important thing is to prevent this from happening and for this you must avoid certain failures.

Use common passwords

One of the most common errors that can allow intruders to enter Netflix is ​​to use simple passwords and insecure. Although we clearly know that it is an important error, the truth is that the most used passwords are still of the type 123456 and similar, in addition to things like our name, date of birth, mobile number…

The easy thing may be to put a password that we remember without problems, but that is a mistake. For this reason, avoid this type of common password and use those that really protect your account. It is essential that it is totally random, that it does not have any personal data and that it is really difficult for you to remember.

Enter from dangerous sites

Another mistake that can put your Netflix account at risk and get it hacked is signing in from insecure sites. For example from a link you received by email. You could really be facing a Phishing attack, which is basically looking for you to enter your account from a false page to steal the password.

To prevent this from happening, always enter from the official page. Try not to access from links that you receive by e-mail or through third party pages, as it could be a trap. You can check the URL and see that it really corresponds to the official address and they are not trying to sneak in a fraudulent link.

Have the device unprotected

Of course, another important mistake that they can take advantage of to hack Netflix is ​​having the computer unprotected. This is something that can happen both on the computer and on mobile devices. If it has any vulnerability, for example, it could be exploited by an attacker and thus steal the account.

Always have a good antivirus. This will prevent the entry of viruses and malware in general that could steal the password. It is also a good idea to always have the updated system and thus correct any vulnerability that may appear.

Leave the account to someone else

Are you going to leave your Netflix account to someone else? That can be a major mistake. It could mean that your account is exposed and someone steals it. We are not referring to that person directly going to steal it, but indirectly collaborating so that a third party, a hacker, can do it.

This can happen if, for example, that person to whom we left the account enters from an insecure site or has a virus on the computer. We are not going to be able to control that by ourselves and that could be a problem. If you are going to leave the account to someone, a good option is to change the password temporarily.

Use unofficial apps

One more problem is to use unofficial programs. That may mean that an intruder can take advantage of rogue software to hack into your Netflix account. Even if you think that it is really a program that will allow you to enter your account, it could be a trap to steal the password.

Our advice is that you install the app only from official sources. For example, you can go to the Netflix website or use secure application stores such as Google Play, since they pass a filter first. The objective is to avoid installing software that could become a danger without your realizing it.

In short, as you can see there are different errors that should be avoided so that the Netflix account is not hacked. Keeping the account secure will prevent intruders from entering, but it will also help it to work as well as possible, without interruptions and to be able to watch videos in good quality from your devices.

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