Why so much spam arrives in the mail and how to avoid it

Something similar happens when we put a comment on a web page or give too much information in social networks. In these cases, our address may also end up in the wrong hands and that will be a problem for privacy. They’re going to start flooding your inbox with junk mail.

Register on insecure sites

Of course, the sites where you register They will also be a gateway for spam. If you create an account on a site that is not trustworthy, which can use your data for advertising purposes, then your inbox could be flooded with spam and be a real problem.

The same can be said of an application that you install and that requests your data, for example. In these cases you could also be putting yourself on a Spam list or campaigns and your e-mail address could be harmed.

accept promotions

You can also end up on a spam list for agreeing to certain conditions by install some program either social media promotions, for example. Even by registering on a public Wi-Fi network, you could be accepting that your data is used for advertising purposes, even if you do not know it.

This is a common problem, as there are many times when we accept terms without really reading them thoroughly. In many cases we may be agreeing to receive advertising via e-mail.

Using a provider with a bad filter

Another issue to consider is the type of email you use. Most will have a spam filter and that pose a problem. It will automatically send them to the spam tray. Now, you may be using a provider that does not have a good filter and that is the reason.

If you use an unreliable email provider that doesn’t have good anti-spam settings, you could see your inbox flood without you doing anything. It would not forward spam.

In short, as you can see there are different reasons why your inbox can fill up with Spam. Whatever the reason, you should always mark these emails as junk emails and that they do not reach the main tray.

How to avoid spam

After explaining the main causes of spam, we are going to give some tips to avoid spam. Some steps you can take to protect your email address and reduce those annoying emails that do not contribute anything and that can even become a problem.

use multiple accounts

One option you can take into account is to use different email accounts. In this way you will reduce the risk of spam reaching you and flooding your inbox. You can have each of them for a well-defined function and thus limit their functions and not expose them more than necessary.

For example, you could create different accounts for these purposes:

  • email for work: in this way you separate your work life from your personal life and prevent the junk mail tray from filling up.
  • Personal or private mail: it is the e-mail that you are going to use for your personal life, to receive and send emails with friends, family, companies, etc. Here you can include purchases you make on the network, reliable forums, etc.
  • e-mail for less reliable matters: a third option would be to create an email for everything that is not reliable. For example, registering on a web page that you do not trust, using a program that is not secure, etc. This way you will avoid affecting the personal account.

Take care of your personal information

Of course, something essential is going to be taking care of your personal information. You should avoid exposing the email account more than necessary. For example, do not make the address public in open forums or web pages that can be read by anyone and then include you in a Spam campaign without your permission.

This also includes social networks and the use you are going to give them. You should not expose your accounts or information publicly. This would allow anyone to see what you’ve posted on Facebook, for example, and that includes your email address.

Avoid registering on questionable sites

Whenever you go to register in a website or any online platform, you must make sure that it is really reliable. Otherwise, your personal data could be in danger and that also includes the e-mail address. You could start receiving spam for this reason.

If you are going to register on a site and you do not know if it is reliable or not, you can always use an alternative to your main email. For example, you can have an address for these cases or even use a disposable email account, which expires after a while and once you have registered.

Maintain good protection

Another issue to always keep in mind is to maintain the security of the systems. Spam can also arrive due to a vulnerability in your computer that has exposed your personal information. To avoid this, it is necessary to take measures to improve protection.

Something fundamental is to have a good antivirus. This will prevent the entry of viruses and security threats. For example, Windows Defender itself is a good option. However, there are many alternatives available, both free and paid. Avast or Bitdefender are other interesting options.

But beyond having security programs, something essential is upgrade equipment. This will give you greater protection and you will be able to correct vulnerabilities that may appear. In the case of Windows, to update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings and go to Windows Update. New versions will appear there, if there were any.

Update Windows 11

In short, if you wonder why so much spam reaches your inbox, as you have seen, there are different reasons why it can happen. It is important that you always follow certain recommendations to minimize Spam and be able to enjoy email without problems, without your personal data being compromised. Using a good email provider, such as Gmail itself, together with good practices, will help you greatly.

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