5 NES clones you can buy today

If you can get nostalgic, but not enough to spend a lot of money on an authentic Nintendo Entertainment Systemyou’re in luck, because there are quite a few clone alternatives With which you will be able to play those retro games that made you have such good times without having to waste time on Wallapop or spend hours bidding on Ebay. In this post we are going to tell you the five alternatives most interesting that you can find currently in the market, as well as the information you should know to differentiate a clone from an emulator.

What do we mean by clone console?

Before we start, let’s clarify that a clone is not technically the same as an emulator. It is not the same to make the console with a Raspberry Pi (and give it the NES shape) than to buy a clone console. The latter must be compatible with original cartridges to be able to consider them suitable.

Are clone consoles legal?

It may sound crazy to you, but in the case of the NES, Yes. First, because Nintendo licensed its patents at the time. And second, because being a console launched in 1983, its patent carries expired a few years.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most current clone NES surpass the original. They are smaller, have a guarantee and also have Current technology, as a way out HDMI. Of course, the price is an advantage, and we will be able to play the original cartridges without any problem. Among the disadvantages, there are some problems with the sound, something that is usually common in this type of products.

Top 5 clone NESs

RetroUsb AVS

RetroUsb AVS

Released in 2016, the RetroUsb AVS is something of a restyling from the original NES. It has its own firmware with upgrade options, image and sound quality improvements and allows to connect four controls of NES, as well as any original cartridge. As against, it is a bit more expensive than most of its competitors.

Old Skool Classiq 2 HD

Two in one. NES and SNES on the same device. Its design is more inspired by the Super Famicom, and it has two different controls to be able to play each system. Has 720p output and option to change aspect ratio. It is not badly priced, although the sound is not its strong point.

8-Bit HD Entertainment System

8-Bit HD Entertainment System

This console is manufactured by Gamerz Tek and was released in 2017. It has HD output and has both two slots and two controls. The design is quite consistent with the original and as against, it only has some problems with the sound output. Despite this, it has a price pretty decent.

Analogue NT Mini

Analogue NT Mini

If what you are looking for is a quality alternative, the Analogue NT Mini is your clone NES. Its manufacturer has a lot of reputation in this world and, although the console is not cheap, it has outstanding specifications. The device comes with two 8Bitdo NES30 controllers, exit analog by various sources as well as output Full HD digital thanks to its FPGA design, which exactly replicates the behavior of the original console. Has four knob slotssy offers the best picture and sound quality on the market. The design of the console does not look like the NES at all, but it is well worth it.



This NES is as small as the game cartridges themselves. Has analog output, a fully enclosed housing minimalist and absolute compatibility with two 8Bitdo controllers. It was born as a project of crowdfunding and you have reached your fundraising goal. In fact, you can buy a unit directly from Tall Dog Electronics’ own profile on CrowdSupply.

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