5 perfect smart scales to control your weight

If this last Christmas you have been lucky enough to eat with your relatives, it is possible that you have caught some extra kilos. Not surprising at a time when we continue to stay at home longer, and where we no longer join the gym in january with the same naturalness we did it for a few years. Luckily, there are plenty of programs out there. training that we can follow at home, and the most correct way to know if we are having a good progression is to use a scale. In this post, we will tell you 5 of the best smart scales that you can find today.

Fitbit Aria Air

fitbit aria air

If you already have some type of smartwatch or activity bracelet from Fitbit, this is your smart scale. The product uses the data that it already has registered in the Fitbit apps, as well as the ones he constantly picks up from the wearables for you to have one full experience.

The Fitbit Aria Air scale is a evolution of the Aria 2 model, and is available in two designs: black and white. It will tell us our weight, BMI and body fat, which will be complemented by data such as activity, hydration, sleep or even blood oxygen saturation depending on the smartwatch you use.

Amazfit Smart Scale

amazfit scale

On this other occasion, the Amazfit scale has a total of 16 different metrics. Using the Zepp App, you will activate the scale, register the family members and you can start using it. It will tell us our weight, but also the percentage of body fat, the one of muscle mass and the one of Water bodily. You will also dare to tell us our bone mass, as well as the type of metabolism we have and will give us a score for our physical age. Undoubtedly, one of the most complete smart scales that is currently on the market.

Garmin Index S2

garmin index s2.

If you already have or are thinking of getting a Garmin brand smart watch, this scale is one of the roundest you will find. This is an upgrade from the 2019 model. It is a premium model, so its price is much higher than the rest of the proposals that we have brought you.

Without a doubt, the Garmin Index 2 is a solid and elegant piece of technology. However, it will only be worthwhile for those who want take your health very seriously and know that they have the willpower to control their diet, exercise and, ultimately, be able to amortize the product over the years. Its rapport with its range of watches is really good and the app allows you to share your achievements in your family nucleus to encourage you to keep working your goal.

eufy Smart Scale P1

eufy smart p1

The eufy brand has several models of smart scales on the market, but the P1 is surely the most worth. Have a very elegant design, and its application for iOS and Android is very complete —even more so if we take into account the price of the product—. It measures weight, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, percentage of water… the device has infinity of metrics to which you can get all the game you imagine. You can register a total of 16 users, track your progress, and sync with the Fitbit app and Apple Health.

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio

We close the top with another premium scale, where in addition to the typical metrics of fat, muscle and weight, the product will be able to indicate our vascular age through an exam where it will measure the frequency of our heart or a very complete follow-up on the body position. Use the Health Mate app to synchronize the data and can record up to 8 users. Just by getting on the scale, the device will automatically recognize you. You won’t have to tell them yourself.

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