5 Reasons to Get an Electric Boat Motor Over a Gas One

Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in the last few years. Teslas are some of the most sought-after cars out there. 

But it’s not just cars that have evolved through tech innovation. So have boats.

In the past, boat motors were gas-powered. However, more and more boats are being built with electric boat motors these days, and for good reasons. 

Here are the top five reasons to consider getting a boat with an electric motor instead of a gas one:

1. They are quieter

Have you ever been surprised by how quiet a passing electric car was? Well, electric boats are similar. Their motors are much quieter than gas motors because they have fewer moving parts and don’t emit loud exhaust noises. 

Some electric boat motors have sound levels of 30 dBs or less, while gas boat engines tend to run at sound levels over 70 dBs.

Why should you care if your boat is quieter? For one, it makes it easier to be courteous to neighbors if you live on a lakefront next to others. It also makes it easier to fish and observe wildlife since the quieter motor is better at not scaring animals away.

2. They are better for the environment

Another major benefit of electric boat motors is that they are more eco-friendly. This is because they don’t generate CO2 emissions (at least not directly) or nitrogen oxide, which can pollute the air and water.

In addition, electric boat motors don’t leave oil residues that can seep into the water, nor are they at risk of causing an oil spill. The only byproduct that electric boat motors produce is heat.

As a result, electric boat motors are much better for surrounding plants, animals, and even you. For example, you don’t have to deal with the annoying, and sometimes toxic, smells generated by gas engines. 

To make your electric boat motor even more environmentally friendly, you can power it with solar energy. For example, you can charge it at your house that has solar panels, or you can invest in solar panels for your boat. Houseboats with large roofs are ideal for this. However, you can also find collapsible solar modules that can be rolled out as needed.

By getting an electric motor instead of a gas one, you’ll be contributing to a greener future, and you won’t be at risk of a driving ban, talks of which are already underway in many areas when it comes to gas engines.

3. They are more affordable

The prices of lithium-ion batteries, which power electric boat motors, have been falling dramatically. In 1991, the price per cell per kWh was $7,523. In 2019, it was a mere $181. In contrast, gas prices have been going up.

So not only can electric boat motors sometimes be cheaper from the outset, but they are definitely cheaper in the long run in terms of saved energy costs (electricity tends to be cheaper than gas). 

4. They are easier to maintain

Electric boat motors are much easier to maintain than gas ones. For one, there’s no need to ever change the oil or check the gas. Most electric boats just have a battery status display that you can monitor. 

You also don’t need to winterize electric boat motors by changing out parts for the season. Electric boat motors can run as well in the winter as in the summer.

All you have to do to maintain an electric boat is keep it charged. Repairs are typically less frequent and less expensive, which means lower maintenance costs overall. Most electric boat motors run smoothly for many years, if not a lifetime.

5. They are safer and more efficient

Finally, electric boat motors are safer and more efficient. Unlike gas, lithium iron phosphate batteries are non-flammable, so there’s no risk of explosion or fire damage.

In addition, electric boat motors are highly efficient. They take less to get going, so you can accelerate faster. And all you have to do to start the engine is press a button. No need to pull a string to choke the engine.

Adding it all up

If you’re in the market for a new boat motor, consider getting an electric one. There’s a reason the electric boat market was valued at $5.26 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7% to reach $11.35 billion by 2028.

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to invest in your boat with a new electric motor. Start shopping around for one today!

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