Coinbase does not work, the app does not allow to operate with cryptocurrencies

After a week of comings and goings in the cryptocurrency and stock market, Coinbase was the last victim. The popular platform that allows trading with cryptocurrencies has just suffered a drop that affects globally, not only users in Spain. And it is that despite the fact that the service allows access to the virtual wallet, the app does not allow to operate with any cryptocurrency . Some users have even confirmed that the wallet balance is displayed at 0, which suggests that the service is down and that Coinbase is not working correctly.

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Coinbase does not allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies

It’s not you. In just a few minutes, Coinbase’s trading system has stopped working in much of the globe. Specifically, the app displays a message (“Something went wrong” or “Something went wrong”) that denotes that the service has suffered some kind of technical problem.

Although in principle it has been attributed to the high volume of operations due to the recent revaluation of Bitcoin and Dogecoin , the truth is that the company has just issued a statement through the official Twitter account that clears the doubts regarding the technical problems of the service. The statement in question reads as follows:

“Due to a technical problem, we are experiencing degraded service where some operations may not be able to complete. Our team is working to quickly restore service to normal and we will send another update soon. Thank you for your patience. »

For the moment, They do not know the reasons why the app has stopped working. At the time of this writing, problems are still present at Coinbase , as we cannot trade any type of asset. In our case, the virtual wallet is shown at 0 despite having some funds, preventing us from carrying out any operation. Predictably, the problems will be solved throughout the afternoon, as is customary in these cases. From TechUnwrapped.comwe recommend not to operate at the moment, since errors could occur in the transaction that could cause the loss of assets.

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