5 signs that your browser is hacked

How to see that the browser has been hacked

Yes attack the browser it means that they could steal stored passwords, view the browsing history, sneak in false extensions that could also infect the system, cause it to malfunction… The range of options that hackers have is very wide and we must avoid it.

Lots of popups

The first sign is that many popup windows. Suddenly we enter a web page and see that several additional windows appear full of advertising, links to go to other third-party sites and, in short, damage fluid navigation. It is something that we can experience in Chrome, Firefox and many other browsers.

A peculiarity of these windows is that, in addition, it is not usually easy to close them. That is, you click on the cross to close them but they open again or they don’t close at all and you have to repeat the operation many times. You may even inadvertently click on a link that takes you to a dangerous page.

Rare bars appear

It can also happen that they appear bars at the top of the browser. They are usually search engines that pretend to be Google, but in reality they take you to other services. They are usually loaded with advertising, but they could also collect all your data, all the searches you do on the network.

This especially happens when you install some malicious plugin. It automatically adds these types of bars and it is another sign that the browser has been hacked and that you should take action as soon as possible to solve it and that your data is not compromised at any time.

There are extensions that we have not installed

Another sign is that they appear browser extensions that we have not installed. We can go in Chrome to the menu above, we enter More tools and click on Extensions and we see all the installed add-ons. If you see that there is something that you have not added, it may be due to a virus.

These kinds of malicious plugins can be really dangerous. They could be collecting data without you even realizing it. For example, they can record credentials and passwords, read browsing history, etc.

Malware just by visiting a website


It is also proof that the browser may have been attacked when starts to malfunction. You see that it works slowly, you open pages and it takes a long time to load, videos don’t play, there are continuous cuts… In short, you see that it doesn’t work as it should.

This is something evident that we can also notice in our system. For example, if the mobile or computer starts to go wrong, the first thing that comes to mind is that there may be a virus. The same would happen in the case of the browser, although not in all cases this will happen due to a security threat.

Tabs open that we did not start

do you see there is open pages that you have not started? That is another sign that your browser may have been hacked. Websites may be opened automatically, closed and reopened every time you start the program. They can use this method to make a profit, to carry out Phishing attacks and make you put the password, etc.

This can happen only with a specific site or that there are several pages that open at once. In any case, you must take measures so that this does not happen and always keep your browser protected. Only in this way will you avoid the entry of viruses and the possible theft of passwords.

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