5 signs to check if your mobile has been intervened

How to know if they have sneaked into the mobile

The fact that a hacker manages to sneak into the mobile or intervene in some way is a serious problem. He could register us for paid subscriptions, send SMS on our behalf, install any application… Basically they could have control as if the mobile were theirs. could also read SMS and intercept any message.

You see weird apps installed

The first sign that tells us that there is something strange in our mobile is that we see applications that we have not installed. These programs may have been installed to spy on us, for example if we have previously installed an application from insecure sources or downloaded a file that is actually malware.

Therefore, if you come across a strange app that you don’t know what it is and you haven’t installed it, you can be suspicious. The ideal is to eliminate it as soon as possible and run a good antivirus on the mobile to detect that there is a Trojan or virus. It is something that we must do periodically to prevent.

Mobile works slow

You can also see that the phone does not work well. Suddenly you notice that it is slower when you open applications, start the browser or simply turn on the device. You see that, in general, it does not work as it should. And that is always a bad sign and can mean that there is a virus or similar.

This may also mean that you cannot open certain programs or access some system features. Sometimes the malware blocks part of the device and prevents us from using it normally.

Read SMS or unsent messages appear

Undoubtedly, a clear sign that the mobile has been intervened is when we find SMS that have been read but not for us. We will even see certain messages received as access codes and the like. That may be the sign that they are trying to access other services.

The same can happen if you see sent messages appear but it was not you. For example through WhatsApp and other similar instant messaging applications. Someone may be sending fraudulent files or links to contacts through these programs.

Battery drains faster

Another thing you will notice is that the battery lasts less than usual. After all, any application that is in use is going to cause the battery to decrease. This also includes any virus or malware that we have on the system and that may be consuming resources without us realizing it.

Therefore, if you suddenly see that the battery is consumed sooner or that the mobile phone heats up excessively without you using it, you should think about the possibility that some intruder has sneaked in and is recording data and spying on you.

Higher data consumption

Something similar happens with the mobile data consumption. Any program that we use with Internet access is going to consume data. The same with simply sending a file via WhatsApp. If we see that there is a greater consumption of the account and we have not had anything extraordinary, perhaps the mobile is intervened and information is being sent without our knowing it.

You can also analyze exactly where that consumption comes from. This way you will be able to identify what the problem may be and know if it makes sense or not that there is that consumption.

To avoid all this it is essential to protect the device. Keep in mind that the work mobile can be a security problem. You must at all times have a good antivirus and keep it updated to keep hackers away.

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